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Are the Celtic Ireland peoples under threat of extinction?

 October 15, 2021

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  Daniel Cregg Dublin famous Creative Artist  and Journalist who was originally from the USA


Is this the end of the Irish Celtic peoples? (photo ref[1])


   Is Ireland and its genetic Celtic people and heritage under threat of extension?


   This may be due to:

  1. Immigrants, 62,500 year ending April in 2021 (emmigrants -people leaving Ireland = 54,000) [3]The Central Statistics Office lists the origin of immigrants by country in 2016 only with no figures since. Also no figures by race line are included anywhere. The next countrywide statistics will be carried out in 2022


  2. Falling birth rates (eg 2011 = 74,650, 2014 = 67,432, 2019 = 57, 035 [7]) 


  3. Aging population 


  4. Increasing age of first time mothers [6] 


  5. High age of consent and harsh punishment laws, fear based harassment tactics relating to this area (ie a ”Witch Hunt” mentality created by media for anyone breaking age of consent laws). Some research conducted by the author indicates increasing age of consents bring about population declines whereas low age of consents show high populations [ ] 


  6. Globalisation trends and peer pressures (eg peer pressures to bring in “diversity”) 


  7. “Americanisation” trends and peer pressures from movies and US style advertising (eg while “diversity” trends in the US may be ok due to a large diversity immigrant population there, it does not mean we in Ireland (or the EU) need to accept or be pressured to follow such trends) 


  8. Street billboards, TV and other Internet advertising giving excessive advertising exposure to non whites (see example photos taken around Dublin of billboards below). While some advertising of non whites in advertising is acceptable, the argument is it has become in excess relative to population demographic makeup (eg only 5% of the population of Ireland is non white yet possibly more than 50% approx(? [researching]) or more of billboard ads in Dublin show non white people (shouldn’t this be 5% of ads?). This may be also due to “peer pressure” trends to include non whites in ads (similar to the US movie industry, only about 15% of the population is black yet nearly every US movie includes black people). Another observation, why are we seeing only blacks in our billboard ads, why not Indian or middle eastern people (is this an example of “Americanisation”?)? 


  9. Influences by immigrants, in politics, the work place and society. See ref [5], this only shows a 2016 census of where immigrants are from and no figure since then by the Central Statistics Office (next census is 2022)


  10. Other: eg 2018 stats shows births to women under 20 down by 62%, yet births to mothers over 40 went up by 42% (in 2018) [6]. Strange trend and why? Could this be connected to point 5? 


  11. Social conditioning due to norms, religions (eg sexual repression), school systems and finances etc possibly leading to couples getting married at older ages (or not getting married)


  12. No real or specific teachings in schools to appreciate Celtic heritage, genetic lineages of peoples and possible current globalisation peer pressure to include “diversity” essentially leading to the destruction of Irish culture, heritage and its people (this seems to be a trend occurring globally, countries are being forced to “globalise”, thus loosing their sovereignty, identities and heritages). 



There is also an "Americanisation/Globlaisation" peer pressure trend to discredit white people that bring up any topic relating to valuing and preserving white peoples background and genetic lineages. Usually these people/groups are unfairly in most cases labeled "racist" or engaging in eugenics - "Eugenics is the practice or advocacy of improving the human species by selectively mating people with specific desirable hereditary traits."[8]


Here is a USA example of misinformation teachings possibly contributing to peer pressures. This is an article on Egyptology [9]:

"...Most people are unaware of this reality regarding ancient Egyptian civilization. Indeed, in the early 1990s, U.S. schools were pushing Afrocentrism in predominantly black schools stating that Egyptians—and indeed all the great civilizations of ancient history—were the product of black Sub-Saharan Africa. Many white students openly bought into this dogma and thereby were unaware of the hard evidence regarding widespread white influence throughout the legacy of human civilization. Arthur Kemp has done a miraculous job in countering these fallacies."

"...Unintentionally leaked DNA results from a television documentary on the genetic testing of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun revealed that his paternal lineage is a 99.6 percent match with western European Y-Chromosomes.”


Let us stand up and not bow down to peer pressure trends and start appreciating, preserving and protecting our peoples and countries in the EU.


“...Most of the diversity within Ireland comes from European descent, with exactly 5% of the population identifying as non-white.” [2]


Examples (in Dublin): Many (if not most) ad billboards showing non Celtic people, this is a recent trend in the last few years only:



Is this a Celtic oriented ad?


Is this Celtic art?




This article/web page is connected to some research taken from a paper still under research titled "

Proposal for the protection of the primary planetary race lines"

[3] Central Statistics Office:



This section is a draft version still in research of the paper referred to above:

Proposal for the protection of the primary planetary race lines

This is a proposal for the protection of the primary race lines of the planet from:

  • Specific negative targeting from other race lines, control systems/societies 
  • Covert attacks/manipulation and hidden agendas (eg, a group/society or race line may target another race line as it considers it a threat to its control agenda). 
  • Genetic mining, harvesting and manipulation 
  • Population/mind control by hidden means using covert technologies such as chem trail spraying, 5G, poisoning (eg mercury fillings and fluoride), nano technology and vaccines 
  • Possible non-human (eg artificial intelligence/alien) or/and other external planet interference specifically related to DNA experiments and manipulation 
  • Non consensual or forced experimentation and forced/manipulation related breeding programs 
  • Possible future extinction based on the above or from population decline/interbreeding/wars 


The primary race lines are identified as:

  • White Caucasian 
  • Asian 
  • Black 

The sub-race/country race lines are identified as:


   Celtic lines, Ireland, Scotland, Wales northern Spain

   Anglo-Saxon lines, England,

   next lines here etc

   next lines here etc

In metaphysics (and the bible - possibly edited out) the original 12 tribe race lines

were [1] (begin quoted text):

  • T-1 was made up of 12-subraces (genetics from 12 ET races).
  • 12-subraces are:
    • Bra-ha-man
    • Dhr-ah-men
    • Atoni
    • Trin-iten
    • Azurtan
    • Celtos
    • Addami
    • Yutarans
    • Cerrasz
    • Nexack-tai
    • Melchizedek

(end quoted text)

Note the "Celtos" race line was one of the 12 tribes.

Interestingly enough we are quick to protect the polar bear, whales and other species from becoming extinct but are we prepared to protect ourselves?

(Chart1 )

Statistics chart showing the actual population growth globally of the primary race lines since 1700 to 2020

(bar chart showing each race line population growth up to 1700, 1800, 1900, 2020 by country)

Statistics chart showing population growth in South Africa as example at the country level of the primary race lines from 1700 to 2020. The original settlers in South Africa were white Dutch Europeans, there were no black or other races/tribes in south Africa before 1600?

(Chart 2)

There appears to be a current problem as of 2020 with the white race line as indicated at:

This race line on a global level has been moved to a proposed alert status of: ‘Orange alert’ as indicated by the status chart below. The chart below shows an assigned alert status on the global and country level.

The following statistics for example for the white Caucasian race line indicates as of 2020:

  • White population decline in Europe (should be twice of what was predicted? – to research) 
  • USA (to research) 
  • Worldwide 

Examples of country race targeting, culture decline and ‘white discrimination’:

  • General media targeting for example in a majority white country such as Ireland in what appears to be ‘peer pressure’* advertising showing non-whites in advertising is seriously disproportionate to actual country races lines (possibly due to excessive ‘Globalisation trends in advertising’) 


  • In school sex education in Belgium, a graphic shows a white female being penetrated by a non white (see below), therefore promoting this as being the ‘norm’ or acceptable 

                                    (graphic 1) 


  • A black man is killed by accident in June 2020 by a white policeman in America causing nationwide riots broadcast nationwide, yet hundreds of white south African farmers are being deliberately murdered by blacks on a daily basis but we see hardly any media coverage 
  • There is a possible hidden agenda according to website:   ____    to eliminate the white race line by interbreeding or eliminatation ______

( to research/complete). Its possible aim is to interbreed with other race lines in order to ‘dumb down’ the gene pool to allow for easier control 

  • The population of white south Africa as opposed to blacks since 1700’s (to research/complete): (chart:   ) 


The next level down from the primary race line protection is the protection of each of the countries original population majority race lines ie ‘Originating race line countries’**. The goal is to retain the culture, traditions and original majority race line population of that country. This in general applies for example to European based countries with thousands of years of history, culture and their own languages (it would not apply to recent settled countries such as the US and common wealth countries)

Example of protection proposed:   

  • Protection from mass immigration influx 
  • Prevention of covert interference by other countries eg creation of wars, unfair currency devaluation to enable cheap extraction of mineral resources from the country etc).  
  • Prevention in external interference in the laws of that country to make the laws the same as the interfering country (just because something is unacceptable in one country does not mean another country should interfere with that country to enforce its will/laws on that country. In addition for example, what was unacceptable 30 years ago is now acceptable, eg gay marriage in Ireland). 
  • Mass media awareness of the problem with ‘globalisation’ leading to the disintegration of a countries trends, laws, cultures etc.
  • Media promotion of own country trends, culture, traditions over globalisation or excessive foreign influence.
  • This prevents disintegration of the country’s culture, traditions, and original majority race. A protection status rating system is assigned to each country indicating the severity of population decline, foreign/internal influence and erosion level of its freedoms from other country or globalisation (see rating system level chart 3).

The idea is to prevent excessive influence from other countries or globalisation efforts from affecting traditions, freedoms, and a country’s laws. It is detrimental to peoples, groups and societies to try to enforce ‘globalisation’ on other countries where everything starts becoming the same everywhere therefore hindering freedoms of expression, life experiences and different life styles (and opening up these affected countries to control by a few)

Chart 3 below shows an assigned alert status on the global and country level.

Global level alert for each primary race line:

        White: Orange status (as of 2020)

        Black: No status assigned yet

        Asian : No status assigned yet


Alert status and meaning:

No alert - no known issue or problem

Orange alert - Possible issue currently and research showing predicted future issue

Yellow alert - Research shows a current major problem and predicted future issue

Red alert - Very serious current issue possibly leading to extinction of line


Global level alert for each sub-race/original country race lines:


 Sub race line 1 (or country original majority race line ): status

 Sub race line 2 (or country original majority race line 2): status

  Sub race line 3 (or country original majority race line 3): status etc

Text at moment, (create coloured chart)

        Country name                               Alert status

              ............           ...............

              ............                                          ...............



 (next section)

Section 1.2

Possible age of consent laws and population increase/decline relationship.

It appears as if large population countries in general have a low age of consents. Increasing age of consent to high levels such as 18 and/or 21 tends to create slow population increase trends and even population decreases whereas reducing ages of consents or low ages of consents leads to population growth/explosions. The general age of full adult rights in California USA for example is 21. This applies to dance club entry, alcohol drinking age etc. (yet they can be sent to war at 18!).

Example: comepeting race lines in the same country:

Example originally one race is dominate by over 100% but over time gets taken over by another race line and ‘hybrid’ off-spings making the original race line the minority or extinct. Example, South Africa, originally was made up of all Dutch white settlers (100% - there were no blacks or black tribes originally), by 1700 equal black to whites in terms of population, today 2020, 51 million blacks to only 8 million whites.)


To research: “ if there is a link between a countries population and its age of consent? It does seem that most high population countries have a low age of consent, eg China at 14, Nigeria at 11 (projected 66% growth). [Researching: Just wondering when they changed and raised the age of consent in Holland (consent age was 12/14 pre 90’s) and Spain (from 13 to 16 in 2009) is/was their a population decline? ]


Chart to show age of consent laws and population of countries



Section 1.3



Global threat analysis to race lines and possible sources:



Possible threat source

Threat to Line/country/area

Threat level

(current -> future)

Combat sources







Population exposions (leading to extreme proverty, wars etc) and population declines.


Interbreeding with other lines and/or immigration on a mass level leading to country level extention of original country race line(s)





Increasing/lowering age of consent laws. Off-spring limits imposed by law (for population explosions). Off-spring increase encouraged by incentives (population decline)


Attacks by other race lines, countries (includes physcial and covert attacks)






Artificial Intelligence (AI)

All race lines/countries - global

Current : low

Future: Very high

‘Strike and monitor AI systems’ (military level) – specific AI systems developed to combat ‘Out of control AI’ in commercial/industrial or other country AI systems .


Countries laws to curb AI usage on massive levels such as at the city level






Being/alien travel or transformations* from current time-line or other dimensions with self appointed authority over other beings or/and territories when such authority has not been granted or is invalid as the beings and/or territories are already self ruling (or have a valid appointed ruler).


*Transformations for example include possible human to archon psychology (or incarnating into another being type) where the now transformed being wishes to excerise control over an area or beings without authority.



All race lines/countries - global


Current : Very high

Future: Very high


If a visible and accessable being then verify its authority and where granted authority came from. If discovered that its authority has been self apponted without grounds over others or territories then the being is marked as a threat and force may be necessary to remove this being from the territories.


If being is not accessable or ‘invisible’ due to its dimensional location or any form of psychic/magic powers then:

1. As above determine its authority.


2. Determine if any form of hidden manipulation, control, agenda is being excerised from the being that undermines the current authorised ruler(s) of the territories.


3. Being is marked as a threat if authority invalid and force may be necessary to remove this being from the territories.







Environmental toxins (such as mercury, sodium fluoride, etc)


All race lines/countries - global


Current : High

Future: Unknown


Country/global laws (eg food labeling, sodium fluoride ban etc)


Mass manipulation/control attempts (eg mind control using technologies as 5G/microwaves, frequencies ie electromagnetic/sonic/scalar, V2K, nano tech, vaccines)


All race lines/countries - global



Ban on non-consentual mind control technologies


Wars, directed enegry weapons, covert technologies (nano and macro level), biological/chemical weapons (accidential or directed)


All race lines/countries - global




Possible external global influences such as alien invasions,

“The Federation”, archons, entities, super alien AI, ‘black goo’, Interdimentional interference – portals, stargates



All race lines/countries - global




Public or private corportions engaged in genetic experiments, breeding programs and DNA manipulation that may change/eleminate the original population line





If exists: Mass or group consciousness infiltation/take over/persecution/illness of another mass consciousness (eg global level to country level or even influence of individuals without consent or knowing).

Also possible mass entity/alien or external planet consciousness interference/take over of global consciousness






Country/area/global extreme laws, wars, microb pandemics, persection and interference from other countries or ‘globalism’





Possible controlling ‘elite’ or hidden groups at the global or county level (eg creating puppet governments/leaders)






Out of control or directed holographic technologies (projected, emersion or augmented) capable of creating duplicate, false/decptive realities with potential of trapping/manipulating groups, countries or even at the global level (example some claim there already is a manipulating Saturn/moon holographic matrix).






Global/space natural cataclysms such as earthquakes, volcanos, atmospheric green house effect, ice age, floods, asteroids, sunspots/flares, sun supernova (ie death of our sun)




Establish space based colonies and plan future base on nearby other sun.



While we don't want discrimination in Ireland, there is a duty of the government to protect their culture, history, and genetic line ie the celtic peoples from extension by immigrants and cross breeding. The EU countries have fought each other and foreigners for centuries to defend themselves from being taken over. Now we are in a very different war, a covert war over planet control. In only a few recent generations ie the last 50 years or so, all those wars and sacrifices by Europeans are being thrown away, not by invading armies but invading immigrants. The US is not an original people's (genetic line) country, they are only a few hundred years old and made up of immigrants anyway so this does not apply to them. Any government in the EU could be considered to be guilty of genocide if they allow their people's to disapear by immigration influx.

Proposed solutions

  • Establish a monitoring organisation to provide yearly statstics, information and provide resources where needed 
  • Where the population decline of a race line is shown to be in serious decline (red alert status), encourge contracual agreements by a certain percentage (% based on decline level) of that population to help perserve their genetic race lineage for example at least 3 generations would engage in voluntary agreements of marrages and offspring production only within the same genetic race line. The offspring would be encouraged to follow this pattern and renew family line contracts. 
  • Also a red alert staus would bring about laws in originating race line countries** (countries producing orininal race lines such as in Europe) to curb/forbid immigration of non local race lines types and marrages to other non local race lines (these lines would deemed ‘protected race lines’ similar to ban on wilde animal hunting for a protected species 
  • Where the population growth of a race line at the country level has shown to be seriously out of control, establish controls of limited numbers of off-spring per family similar to what has been implemented in China (ie one off-sping per family) 
  • Lower or increase age of consent law(s) in affected area(s)/countries (see section 1.2 for research and conclusions in this area). 
  • (additions here) 

* ‘Peer pressure advertising/norms’ are where general advertising or the movie industry for example can no longer only have exculsively one race line depicted in an ad or cast as it may be labled ‘racist’ by many. As an example, peer pressure trends to follow foreign/imported style advertising which suddenly becomes the norm locally can lead to the creation of ads depicting non local people/foreign races which does not reflect the local population race line.


** ‘Originating race line countries’: These would be countries that have thousands of years of history. culture, their own language and a distinct race line/sub-race line. This might apply to most European countries, whereas the USA is a recent established country created mostly from immgrants and would not be be labeld an ‘originating race line country’.

The above paper is copyright © protected and cannot be copied, used and/or modified without the permission of the author




This section includes a sample informal (or can be formal) family contract agreement:

Copy of contract text begin:

Draft/Informal _________ (last name) family line contract

Date _____________

This is a draft and informal contract to be made formal at a later date.

Stimulated by research in the “Proposal for the protection of the primary planetary race lines” document, this an informal contract as of September 25th 2021 to help provide a solution to the problem identified:

“Global level alert for each primary race line:

White: Orange status

Alert status and meaning:

No alert - no known issue or problem

Orange alert - Possible issue currently and research showing predicted future issue

Yellow alert - Research shows a current major problem and predicted future issue

Red alert - Very serious current issue possibly leading to extinction of line

The above has identified a decline on the global scale of the white Caucasian race. The purpose of this contract is to bring to the attention the issue outlined and help provide a solution by agreeing to help protect and increase off-spring in this race line.

The _________ (last name) family line beginning with _________ (first, last name) agrees for at least 3 generations of off-spring to be renewed on the 3rd generation to:

Marry and produce children with a white Caucasian female (since _________ (first name) is of full Caucasian linage)

Avoid sexual relations with non Caucasian females where possible, exploration is possible with other lines as long as intention in relationship is not to produce off-spring

Any marriages with non Caucasian females breaks this contract and it cannot be used in that marriage

Any off spring produced with a non Caucasian females breaks this contract and it cannot be renewed

Any intention to produce off-spring with a non Caucasian female breaks this contract

Any “accidental” or non intended off-spring with a non Caucasian breaks this contract and point 9 applies

Any breeding program involvement and/or manipulation/deception either overt or covert to force relations with a non- Caucasian breaks this contract. Where manipulation, mind control, peer pressure, deceit or other negative forces are involved, request for spiritual assistance and/or other can be sought to enforce the contract as this contract is part of my free will right to choose

Others at the higher consciousness/avatar to avatar level will be made aware of this contract that ________ (your name) is under to support this contract

In general only Caucasian off-spring would be entitled to any _________ (last name) line assets/inheritances, however may be subject to local laws depending of region/country of residence. If any non- Caucasian off-spring are ever produced, this contract or similar contracts cannot be continued by those off-spring essentially they are no longer part of the _________ (last name) lineage.

Agrees to not be involved in racist activities or practice any form of racism against other non Caucasian races.

Agrees to help promote and protect the Caucasian races specifically. Protection for example would be clearing invasive non Caucasian consciousnesses, people that would attempt to manipulate. This includes other timelines, cross dimensional interference.

Help combat “Caucasian Bashing” by media, group consciousness/social “trends”, mind control, deceit, organised groups, other race lines. Even most Caucasians may not even be aware of this for example unfair and excessive advertising in Ireland of non- Caucasian people relative to actual population demographic makeup. Ie promotion of Caucasian and non- Caucasians together in bill board ads (eg a black & white) as being “normal” and degrading the actual Irish culture, history, and celtic peoples in their original land of origin (this would not apply to a non originals race/peoples country). This is possibly also part of the “globalisation/Americanisation” trend occurring at the moment. Some of these foreign trends are acceptable to an extent but the complaint is that it has become excessive promoting “globalisation” trends and degrading Irish culture and sovereignty.

Another example is making whites feel guilty and labeled racist if they make any objections to other race relations, excessive ads with non whites, job placement discrimination “peer pressured” hiring (hiring non whites over whites due to minimum “equal opportunities”) etc. Caucasians have spiritual and physical free will rights to choose without negative peer pressures and this must be respected by others.

Page 1 of 2

Agrees to teach all Caucasian off-spring in own lineage to be proud of their race line, to protect it and encourage sexual relations within the Caucasian race line.

Agrees to renew this contract on each 3rd generation

To be clear on the “... 3 generations of off-spring...” above, this means: _____________ (first, last name) grand children. Contract is to be renewed on each 3rd generation down the genetic line.

Other Caucasians can enter into this type of contract. Other race lines will have their own corresponding family lines entering into a similar contract to protect their race lines.

(Use this contract and substitute “Caucasians “ with your race line – note is is suggested that only someone with at least 3 generations of documented evidence on both parents sides to prove their lineage may enter into this contract).



Page 2 of 2”

Copy of text contract end


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Are the Celtic Ireland peoples under threat of extinction?

 October 15, 2021


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