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Why do overseas-owned companies pay so little taxation in Australia and why does 
the Australian government (of whichever political persuasion) allow overseas mining 
conglomerates to rape our environment and give Australians back next to nothing in 

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Eyes Wide Open 
By Fiona Barnett
Eyes Wide Open
CIA Child Trafficking | MK-ULTRA in Australia Ritual Abuse & Mind Control | Trauma-Based Forced Dissociation Trauma-Focussed Integration 2019 by Fiona Barnet
The Luciferian Cover-up 
1. Watergate was Pedogate 
2. Royal Whitewash 
3. Victorian Pedophile Network 
4. NSW Pedophile Network 
5. Bond University Pedophile Network 
6. ‘The Greater Good’ 
7. Conspiracy Fact The Luciferian Philosophy 
8. Justice Denied 9. MK-ULTRA & the Occult 
10. MK-ULTRA in Australia 
11. MK-ULTRA in Hillsong Church 
12. Confessions of a Sydney Satanist My Witness Testimony 
13. Ritual Abuse in Australia 
14. Relevance of Intelligence 15. The Programming Matrix 
16. Candy Girl Child Prostitute 
Page 17. MK-DELTA Child Soldier How to Heal 
18. Psychology 101 
19. Trauma-Focussed Integration 
20. Dirty Doctors 
21. A Life Sentence 
22. Source of Hope Within 
The worst thing about being an inspiration is that you have to be perfect. - Anne McDonald Eyes
 Wide Open is not a biography as such, and descriptive dialogue is limited. Consider it more a reference book designed to meet three distinct aims: 
1. Provide the relevant historical basis for understanding the existence and coverup of CIA child trafficking, ritual abuse, and mind control. 
2. Document my personal experience of this abuse in Australia and the USA. 
 3. Offer information for combating the techniques which cults, the military and intelligence agencies use to artificially induce dissociation and achieve radical and strategic behaviour modification. I explain the nature of Trauma-Based Forced Dissociation including the victim selection process, why most therapy is ineffective, and why a Trauma-Focused Integration approach is essential.
 My testimony is scaffolded by the extraordinary research of Steve McMurray who assembled the jigsaw of faces, places, and relationships I recalled and relayed. Steve’s work features mainly in the chapter MK-ULTRA in Australia. This book would not exist, and my integration would not have been as thorough, without Steve’s research efforts. 
The following publications provide a preliminary understanding of ritual abuse and mind control, which my book builds upon:
 - Secret Don’t Tell: The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism (1998) by Carla Emery.
 - How the Illuminati Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave (2008) and Bloodlines of the Illuminati (1998) by Fritz Springmeier and his wife ‘Cisco Wheeler.’ 
- A Nation Betrayed: Secret Cold War Experiments Performed on Our Children and Other Innocent People (2002) by Carol Rutz. - The Greenbaum Speech (1992-3) conference presentation by Dr Corydon Hammond. The Bible suggests we may know them by their fruits.
 That is, we recognise the wolves in sheep skins by the consequences of their words and behaviour. Be they arrogant academic or bottom-feeding troll, anyone who attempts to discredit the above writings is certainly an operative for the trafficking network. Similarly, whoever attacks my book has a vested interest in the lucrative international child trafficking operation coordinated by the CIA. 
This electronic version of Eyes Wide Open is being distributed at no cost because the truth and healing ought to be free. Victims have paid enough. The public is welcome to download, distribute and host complete copies of this book version online for therapeutic purposes. Flooding the internet with multiple copies combats the increasing censorship and stops the child traffickers burying this information again. 

Why do overseas-owned companies pay so little taxation in Australia and why does 
the Australian government (of whichever political persuasion) allow overseas mining 
conglomerates to rape our environment and give Australians back next to nothing in 

Why was fluoride put into Australia's water supply and why is it impossible to have it 

Are you seeing a pattern here? 

Why is the media of the 'Free World' so heavily controlled and their shamefaced 
relationship to government so symbiotic? 

Why have the educational standards of the Western World been forced to 'dumb 
down' (a process accelerated in the 1980s by both Spielberg and Lucas at the 
instigation of the Australian Alpha Lodge)? 

Why has multiculturalism been foisted upon the 'First' World (with the exception of 

And who was behind the September the 11th operation? 

Which country's 'Intelligence Agency' supplied the WMD story which 'caused' the 
Iraq invasion? (Hint, it was not a Christian or Islamic nation.) 

Australian Satanists have always been at the forefront of high-quality videos and 
DVDs devoted to 'kiddie-porn.' Sheeple are such that although they scream about the 
Importance of 'justice/ It Is of no Interest unless they are In some way harmed! Their 
morality is that of the herd, for the more that sheeple feel isolated yet together, the easier it 
is for Satanists to reign. Provide the subjects with the forbidden and they feel fragmented, 
weak, guilty and often worthless - all of which the Master Satanist employs for their own 
ends. In Australian-produced pedophile entertainment, certain avant-garde features 
predominate: sexual frenzy, degrading treatment, filth, coprophllla, torture, rape and 

All of this is carefully crafted and augented by aphrodisiacs and violence. Often the 
women involved are far worse than the men - little boys agonised by the cruel fingers, long 
tapered fingernails, teeth, cigarettes and perversions of ravishingly beautiful and debased 
female practitioners who are without restraint and have been maddened with heartless 
pride. Genital torture and castration are a constant theme. I will never forget the heartfelt 
sobs, desperate pleas, blood, tears and screams induced in many little boys by the agonizing 
use of alligator-clips, the application of the strap, whip, dildo, knee and the torment of 
electric shock! 

Often Satanists advertise in free, youth culture street newspapers. This provides 
them with a constant supply of young teenage hopefuls to recruit or exploit (or both). Often 
Street-kids are taken in, used and discarded. It is only another missing teenager! Coffee 
shops, city entertainment complexes and even evangelical youth-based churches are still 
used to this day to lure the innocent and not so innocent, their hearts full of broken dreams 
from broken homes. (Thank you, Lionel [Murphy].)'‘°^ 

Reference to Lionel Murphy introducing no-fault divorce which resulted in broken homes and kids. 

Candidates are accepted and accessed over the required time for character, 
imagination and intellect - in that order. 

Debauchery as a science is taught and maintained by programmes - strict in nature 
and observance. 

Rituals are conducted, thought patterns established, relationships destroyed, and 
dependencies enhanced. Psychopaths are studied and emulated. 

Some of the deadliest, most effective and disarming assassins are women. 

Together and with time, those at the highest echelons of International Satanism 
believe that there is nothing they can't achieve. And if you knew even half of what they 
have already done you would agree. 

The modern media is a pastiche of sex and soft eroticism. The Western world's 
drinking water has been laced with chemicals that exert powerful effects over time. Rates of 
depression, suicide, incest and bank interest continue to rise - but no one bothers to join 
the dots! 

What do all of the following people have in common: Norman Lindsay, 'Sir' William 
McMahon, Garfield Berwick, Lionel Murphy, Rosalyn Norton [who modelled for Norma 
Lindsay], Clyde Cameron and Stephanie Bartholomew (aka, Abigail)? From where do more 
Australians get their news and why?'^°^ What is Michael Aquino's interest in Australia's 
Pine Gap Facility and why is discussion of the Base's use and purpose inadmissible within 
Australia's polite society and media? 

I believe in one Prince, Satan, who reigns over this Earth, and in one Law which 
triumphs overall. I believe in one Temple, Our Temple to Satan, and in one Word which 
triumphs overall: The Word of ecstasy. And I believe in the Law of the Aeon,''°'' which is 
sacrifice, and in the letting of blood. For which I shed no tears since I give praise to my 
Prince, the fire-giver, and look forward to his reign and the pleasures that are to come! 

A number of Crown Service agents in Australia were relieved on the evening of 19th 
December 1967. A number of the President's men in Australia were quietly celebrating as 
the clock struck midnight on the 11th of November 1975. Both Intelligence Agencies had 
relations which were still trespassed by the ghost of Dr Ward. Both reacted to these events 
because of Australian Satanism, in the first case because H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth II would be 
saved embarrassments and in the second because Gough Whitlam was not one of them. 

On this point I am in no doubt. Sir John did his duty to the Princess and Inner Head of the 
Alpha Lodge Australasia. And Sir Garfield explained it! 

Most people do not know that John W. Howard's first overseas trip, as Prime 
Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia was to receive his 33'''' Masonic degree, for in 
matters of his true faith he manifests a decidedly disillusioned romantic apprehension. His is 
the perfect example of parallel lives and a compliant media well and truly out of their depth. 

Graduated Fort St High School & University of Sydney; Chief Justice. 

A reference to Channel Nine. 

Thelema was founded on the idea that the 20th century marked the beginning of the Aeon of Horus, in 
which a new ethical code would be followed: 'Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.' 

The same could not be said for Harold [Holt] and his parties and the fact that people were 
noticing and indeed. Sir William was invited. 

You have little if any idea of the history, connexions and the network of Australia's 
Sinister Lodges, the Temples within them or their adherents and puppets. Why are some 
politicians spectacularly successful and others dogged at every step? How was the New 
York based public relations firm paid by John for doing such a good job in the... elections? 
Has anyone bothered to check the Commonwealth of Australia's Department of Treasury 
records and would they know what they were looking for? 

I became Outer Head of the Alpha Lodge Australasia in the same year a meteoric rise 
to power brought a change of federal government with a Prime Minister whose relationship 
to Satanism was tenuous and pedestrian at best. But then again, he liked to play around, 
and a number of our special people were happy to accommodate him, for a price. He craved 
respect and understated admiration and received both from us for the efforts he expended. 

I left the Alpha Lodge - as best as one can - and tried to reclaim a more mundane if 
no less ingratiating lifestyle. I operated a media company publishing anti-Christian tractates, 
political pamphlets and pornographic videos, working for a number of organizations 

Modern post-1980 Satanism is the result of some hard-learned truths and well- 
practiced procedures. Everyone knows that we are becoming more obvious - there are 
decreasing reasons to hide. The World of High Fashion - always a glittering ephemeral 
chimera - became an overtly successful recruiting ground for 'sweet young things' with a 
daring and glamorous nature. Multi-Billionaires increasingly sought the spiritual comfort and 
insider information the Satanic Alpha-Lodges could provide. 

Within the left-hand path, Satan is the Supreme Prince (the Hierarchy of Hell begins 
with The Prince). He is 'The Other', the bright Fire Giver and Illuminator! He is the only God 
who cares! Satanism is a spiritual Darwinian theory based on predation. Devoted Satanists 
dedicate themselves and their sex acts to their Dark Lord. Prayers are said. Chants intoned 
or Invocations recited all as the basis of obtaining the blessings of Hell. 

Unknown - if not always unsuspected - Infernal Temples exist in every major city 
throughout the world - Vatican City included! Every hour of every day and every night 
people are knowingly engaged in Satan's service. Human sacrifice - whether ritually and 
quicker or slowly and degradingly over time - is all harnessed to specific ends. 

Politicians are introduced by a carefully graded set if criteria and situations that 
enable them to accept that their victims will be, "Our little secret". Young children sexually 
molested and physically abused by politicians worldwide are quickly used as sacrifices. In 
Australia the bodies are hardly ever discovered, for Australia is still a wilderness. 

Overseas, cremation is the favoured method and although the Satanic Alpha Lodges 
of Australia have access to crematoria when needed, this is surprisingly rare. Believe it or 
not many bodies are 'dumped over the side' every week in a number of isolated bushland 

The emerging set of Satanic leaders is young, savvy, competent and heartless. They 
are masters and mistresses of their emotions and their intellect. Many are involved in 
business, politics, the legal profession and the arts. They are affluent, mobile and stylish 
examples to the next generation and therefore to the next generation of Satanists that 
power is glory, lust is nobility and liberty is the highest ideal of the new world man and 
woman. They use debasement of their victims as a ritual of power to themselves and their 
Deities. Often their victims are made to suffer in any number of situations. All of them are 
dedicated 'to creating the new men and women of the future' and 'to surpassing the Old 

Beginning in Sydney in the late 1980s was a now International Underground 
Sadomasochist society founded by Satanists. Victims are abused to death in grotesque 
rituals held in secluded chambers throughout the global metropolis and never-ending 
suburbs and bewildered housing estates. Although many who attend are unaware of 
anything except their ability to fulfil special needs and cultivated tastes, all of these 
gatherings are Satanic in nature and magickal in purpose. This dark, ultra-secretive society 
has been used to corrupt and destroy; to distil fear and ensure petrified silence! 
(Remember 'The Family' of South Australia? Ever wondered why so many people 
conveniently die from electrical fires?) 

Bodily juices of all descriptions are sacred to Satanists and can be used for magickal 
purposes. The advent of sadomasochism as an accepted form of expression is due to the 
efforts of Satanists in subverting normalcy and inverting mainstream Christian values. The 
S&M Society was used as recruitment ground for some of the most perverted geniuses I 
have ever met. And with the advent of the World Wide Web, extreme hardcore Bathroom 
Sex came into its own as a sub-genre to be taken seriously. 

(By way of only one example, today in co-educational facilities throughout the 
Western World, Bathroom Sex and 'flute playing' are rampant across all age groups. Thank 
you. High Priestess Monica and 'White' Witch Fiona Horne. 

The Alpha Lodge has taken steps to try to ensure that after the next war the 
Tradition is maintained in the intervening centuries, before civilization, as we know it, 
begins again. At that time , Satanism will be in the only religion and science . We have 
secured the texts, books, relics and magickal weapons necessary for Our Dark Lord and I see 
the storm clouds gathering. Ritual activity is increasing. Social structures are almost totally 
eroded. The Sheeple gather for their slaughter. Vindex'‘°® walks amongst us now and very 
few know (or think that they do) 

Law is the product of man. 
What God con create man can destroy! 
It is always politics. 

Fiona Horne now flies charter planes to the Caribbean, location of Jeffrey Epstein's pedophile island. 
Rebel who dethroned Nero. 

Even when people obey the law, it is a political decision. 

Spirituality is a tool. The State has employed it, always. 

For Homo sapiens are herd animals. 

Hate yourself enough and the World hates with you. 

Freedom is a two-edged sword. 

- Count Hans Kolvenbach (Jesuit Order) 

The Altar is always a human body - male, female, alert, drugged, alive or dead. In 

every case, the Altar is fresh and young. The mechanics of a High Satanic Black Mass are the 
same as in any theatre designed to re-open psychic gateways, inculcate dedication, glorify, 
rarefy and idealize spirituality. Only the aims differ. In Satanism, sodomy is preferred 
because of its magickal effects. The sacramental nature of Ezekiel 4:12-13, II Kings 18:27, 
Malachi 2:2-3 and Isaiah 16:11 are only fully understood by Satanists.^°^ Even abstinence 
from all forms of satisfying and normal sexual congress is used to enable the destruction 
and replacement of old beliefs and standards... By pushing wider, the parameters of being 
and expanding ideas, Satanists experience the inherent transience and contingent nature of 
all things. The Black Mass - whether High Satanic or Low orgy - achieves this. 

Any form of bizarre sexual congress is explored and encouraged because atrophied 
tastes need stronger stimulation.Children, the elderly, the mentally retarded and 
desperate are used at satanic ceremonies throughout the world. The left-hand path caters 
for all tastes and responds to all needs. In Australia and throughout what used to be the 
Soviet Union, Downs Syndrome pornography is an expanding market and an acquired 

Viable, truly spiritual Satanism is becoming more overt. This is because of those who 
went before. And as the schedule works itself, the Alpha Satanic Lodges are growing ever 
more public. I will not mention names, front-organizations or interests. The time is when 
these will announce themselves - just like Disneylandl We infiltrated then built the 
modern media, created porno-film empires, turned 'Snuff into art and liberated young 

The Wand must be bedaubed. 
The Cup drained. 
The Sword dazzling. 
The Disc penetrated.'^^^ 
With Fire the Tunnel is penetrated. 
With thirst the Cup is dazzled. 

Bible passages relating to dung. 
Atrophied means 'having lost effectiveness or vigour due to underuse or neglect.' After time, cult members 
become bored with perverted sex, and so need greater perversion to achieve sexual arousal and gratification. 

My cousin reported that staff made such films at Bribie Island Care Independent Living Association, 

The Four Tarot Elements: Wand=Fire, Sword=Air, Cup=Water, Disc=Earth. 
With Air the Sword is drained. 
With soil the Disc bedaubed.^^^ 
Within the temple in the temple 
Find here the Mysteries of the mysteries 
The back passage is the shortest way 
Turn Water into wine. 

Satanists believe that the fear inspired by the atomic bomb and other weapons yet 
to come will be so great that everyone will refrain from using them... [deleted]. It will mean 
the division of the world among 2 or 3 vast superstates, unable to be overthrown by any 
internal rebellion. Their structure will be hierarchic, with the Satanic caste at the top and 
outright slavery at the bottom, and the crushing out of liberty would exceed anything the 
world has yet seen. Within each state the necessary psychological atmosphere will be 
maintained by a complete severance from the outside world, and by a continuous phoney 
war against rival states. Civilizations of this type will remain stable for thousands of 
years. Have no fear! 
* * * 
Cult Caste System 
Traditional high-end Satanic cults are organised like a caste system. Membership in 
the upper hierarchy is attainable by birth only, like the aristocracy. One can't marry or buy 
into the top classes. At the top of the pyramid sit the blue bloodlines headed by the 
Rothschilds. This ruling class is worshipped as demigods like the reverence shown for the 
Egyptian pharaohs. Beneath this class sit hundreds of 'mortal' family bloodlines that make 
up a kind of intelligentsia. This group is characterised as high IQ and are granted access to 
worldly success - so long as they play the game. If members of this class feel morally in 
conflict with the coven's activities, this usually manifests as 'mental illness,' and if they rebel 
against 'the family' they are disposed of. 

Below this ruling class sit a menagerie of coven members that constitute the 
anarchy. In Europe these members are bound by location. In a young country like Australia 
they are united by things such as nationality or interest. For example, we have entire covens 
of people with Scottish heritage. Another group which is on par with the Scottish is the 
recent influx of lower-class English coven members with common accents. Australia grants 
these lower-class people the opportunity to escape the British class system in which they 
are nothings. Another rising Australian trend is the lesbian covens. Then there are the bikie 
gangs who do the dirty work. I used to sing the following insult at these lower castes when 
they got out of line: 

The classical Hermetic elements: Fire, Air, Water, Earth. 
George Orwell's 1984. 
IQ low. Bloodline none. Shit-kicking Coven scum. Conflict exists between the traditional Satanists and the modern self-styled covens. The lowest coven groups compete amongst each other for the unattainable power and status of the hierarchy whom they jealously despise. As portrayed in Harry potter series, the ruling classes look down upon the lower groups with contempt and view them as animalistic, annoyingly clumsy, grubby and highly dispensable. They are held in disdain because they approach tasks with aggression and brute strength, which risks exposing everybody. Their most common mistake is to put their own personal wants before the collective. Their other usual flaw is their propensity to embrace assumption and an overconfidence that stems from not having been thwarted - yet. That is the mistake people like Antony Kidman and Harry Bailey made. Like a pack of mongrel dogs, this group is rewarded for success and punished for failure. They tend to be motivated by primitive drives like sex and drugs rather than higher intellectual pursuits. Ritual Abuse in Australia The ritual is kind of appealing, but you con get ritual in many other places as well. And I think a lot of that ritual has been knocked out of the Catholic Church. It's all become rather ordinary, I think. -John Bell My body trembled. 'If you don't do the EMDR now - I'm dead!' My therapist thought for a moment. 'Let me speak with my partner. We might be able to use his room.' Ten minutes later, I was seated on the carpeted floor of an office, leaning against a leather couch. This felt safer. No one could hear me scream in this dimly lit room. 'You ready?' she asked. I nodded. Her left hand held mine as she gracefully waved her fingers back and forth across my eyes... 'Now lie down and relax.' I lowered my dopey form onto the mattress, and lay there face up with my eyes closed, waiting for the horror to come. .. A faint image appeared. People standing over me, chanting. Their robed forms silhouetted against the daylight behind them as I am lowered into the grave. The walls are smooth. My body stiffens as it touches the squishy cold corpse. The waft of rotting flesh strikes my nose. They shut the lid. Blackness. I scream: 'JESUS GET ME OUT OF HERE!!' I arch my back, flay my arms, and scream. I scream, and scream, and scream until my lungs burn. No air. I can't breathe. I stop breathing. My heart stops. Then, light... 'Fiona, there's an amazing light on you!' my therapist wonders at the beam of light that penetrates the room and floods my limp form. * * * Australian Nazi Haven It is difficult to determine what had the most detrimental impact on my father's mental health: witnessing dogs tear people apart in a German camp, being forced by his psychopathic stepfather to kneel for hours on dried peas... or being molested by priests during catechism classes at Engadine BoysTown. It took my father 40 years to locate his original birth certificate. The document records he was born in Bonn, Germany. Mitek Frank Rylko was raised by Helena Milewska, a Lithuanian woman who collaborated with the Gestapo during the war. 'Helen' escaped the Russians by hiding in a German refugee camp, and her father served two years hard labour in a Siberian work camp for refusing to disclose her whereabouts. My step-grandfather, Peter Holowczak, was hiding in the same camp as Helen, seeking immigration to Canada. His plans were thwarted after Helen convinced the authorities that Peter was her husband and the father of the young boy in her care. That child was my father. Helen Holowczok & my father in a refugee camp So, Helen and Peter Holowczak joined the great wave of Eastern European war criminals offered asylum in Australia through the IRO (International Refugee Organisation). Theirs is a familiar story, documented in Mark Aaron's book War Criminals Welcome: Australia, a Sanctuary for War Criminals Since 1945. Mark Aaron explained in interview: Most of the war criminals who settled in Australia were not Germans or Austrians. They were people from Central and Eastern Europe, from the Ukraine, the Baltic States, the central European countries of Czechoslovakia, Croatia and Serbia... These people had done deals with western intelligence organisations, having given them intelligence were then secreted or allowed to go to third countries like Australia. The Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Jersualem has a classification system whereby they rate (from A to F) how cooperative a country is with the process of locating, investigating and trying Nazi war criminals. Australia is ranked F - the least cooperative. In 1999, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre declared Australia a haven for 'holocaust perpetrators and mass murderers' and demanded an investigation into Operation Matchbox, following the declassification of Australian government papers.'^^'^ My father was issued an Australian birth certificate in September 1962. This documents that Peter and Helen Holowczak married in Bathurst on 3 October 1949. The Holowczaks spent their initial days in a refugee camp near Bathurst, a country town situated north-west of Sydney. Bathurst Migrant Camp opened in May 1948 and closed in April 1952 ABC TV, Lateline, 21 May 2001. Ian Traynor, UK arranged transfer of Nazi scientists to Australia, The Guardian, 17 Aug 1999. and held up to 10,000 transient migrants at a time. A Polish Club was founded at the camp, indicating most interns were Polish. A similar camp was established at Parkes in NSW. My father's Australian issued birth certificate documents that by September 1962, the Holowczaks resided at 14 McAlister Avenue in Engadine, a small suburb within the Sutherland Shire, south of Sydney. Many refugees settled in an area which ran from 'The Shire' to Wollongong. This group carried Slavic, Germanic, or Anglicised versions of their former surnames. They worked, attended orgies, raped children, and worshipped their pagan gods together just like they did in Nazi occupied Europe. I grew up listening to 'Pop' entertaining me with stories about the 'olden days' in Poland, when he worked in 'the camp.' 'What did you do in the camp?' I asked excitedly. 'I trained the dogs.' 'What else did you do?' 'I killed the Jews.' I was six. Who are the Jews? I puzzled, and what did they do wrong? The location of 'the camp' was proudly displayed at the entrance to their Engadine house. A plaque decorated with the name 'LUBLIN' in a quaint folk-art style was fixed to their front wall. Engadine BoysTown, St John Bosco church, and St John Bosco College were an easy walk from McAlister Avenue. The Salesians of Don Bosco, an order of Catholic priests, established BoysTown 1939 to house and educate troubled and orphaned boys in a range of trades. Yet their only instructor was a butcher. In 2002, Father Paul Gerard Barrett, priest and counsellor, was convicted of 100 accounts of pedophilia against six boys while vice-deputy principal at St John Bosco College in Engadine. The court heard Barrett photographed male and female students having sex. One of Barrett's victims, a 13-year-old male student, was lured by a female teacher. Barrett and the female teacher plastered the boy with alcohol before raping him. Police never charged the female teacher. In 2008, Father Paul Raymond Evans was found guilty of 18 sex offences against seven boys committed while he worked at BoysTown in the 1970s and 1980s. Paul Evans was ordained as a Salesian Order priest in Regina Coeli Memorial Church in the nearby suburb of Beverly Hills where his relative, William Evans, was the first Parish Priest. Regina Coeli was built with donations from the US Army. In 2012, police informed me a taskforce had been assigned to covertly investigate an Engadine BoysTown pedophile ring. Had this investigation been publicised, many more victims would have come forward, because that is the typical response to public exposure. Despite the secrecy, victims reported 247 Salesian priests to the federal Royal Commission, many of whom operated at St John Bosco College and Engadine BoysTown. Engadine is wedged between a massive national park and 49,000 acres of bushland belonging to Holsworthy Barracks, an army base equipped with a military airport. Lucas Heights sits adjacent to Holsworthy and is the site of a 20-story underground CIA research facility and nuclear reactor. It is part of ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation) which incorporated the CSIRO. Peter Holowczak was friends with a fellow Slavic refugee also named Peter. I knew him as the 'dog breeder.' He lived on acreage near ANSTO in Lucas Heights. His house, a small asbestos box, was well hidden from the main road. The entrance to his sandy driveway off Old lllawarra Road was flanked by multiple signs nailed to trees and posts, warning trespassers to keep out and beware of his dogs. The property contained multiple sheds including a sawmill and dog kennels. A petite, fit dark-haired man, he trained Doberman and Rottweiler dogs, and sold dogs to the NSW police. Peter Holowczak purchased his Doberman dogs from this man. My family had two Doberman dogs from this breeder, so I know the quality of his dogs. Helen was friends with another Lithuanian 'refugee' whose house was a short downhill walk away, in Fairview Avenue. Helen regularly attended Leonas Petrauskas' Engadine Medical Centre which was a short uphill walk. Helen bore two sons in Australia and named them after their fathers. John, the only ginger-haired member of the family, was the bastard son of Helen's supervisor at the Wool Mill in Marrickville which was owned and run by the Scottish Vicars family. Helen's youngest son, David Ronald, was destined to be named 'Romance' until her Polish friend Raya Spakz convinced Helen that Australians do not name children or houses after literal events the way Polish people do. Peter thought David was his son and spoilt him until he left home at age 30 years. He knew John was not his and treated him indifferently. But he so resented and despised my father, he raped, beat, and tormented Dad until the kid left home at 13. Peter typically taunted my father while dishing up cabbage soup for dinner: 'Meat for you, David... meat for you, John...' Then he turned to my father and hissed in Polish, 'And none for you - you son of a pigV My real grandfather was not a pig. I travelled to Jelena Gora in Poland in 1990 to meet him and to my relief discovered Mitek Rylko to be everything the Holowczaks were not. My real 'Jadek' was smart, witty, ethical, classy, socially respected, and handsome. During the war he sided with the Polish resistance, instead of raping and murdering Jews in a death camp as Holowczak did. I was 15 years old when my family realised Peter Holowczak and his vile surname were alien to us. The bombshell was dropped during lunch, following the birth of my baby brother. Peter could not stomach the honour of having my new brother named after him. 'Frank,' Peter began, 'I don't like the way you treat Fiona.' 'But you treated me like that,' Dad huffed. 'Yes, but you are Fiona's father. I am not your real father.' My father was nothing like Peter Holowczak and did not treat me the way the Holowczaks treated him. Unlike the Holowczaks, my father never sexually or ritually abused us. Dad suffers complex PTSD and DID due to his horrendous childhood. Consequently, he became violent after he started self-medicating with alcohol. On rare occasions Dad dissociated and supported my allegations against the Holowczaks and their pedophile network. He once blurted out to my mother in front of someone, 'Everything Fiona says about Satanism and Sydney is true, but we just don't tell her for her own good! Peter Holowczak was ritually murdered at Easter 1991. When Police delivered my father the solemn news, he began cheering and dancing around his front yard, singing loudly to the Wizard ofOz tune: Ding-dong! The bastard's dead! The bastard's dead! The bastard's dead! Ding-dong! The fucking bastard's D-E-E-E-E-A-D! Peter's death certificate says he committed suicide by hanging. Yet Helen told my mother a different story: A group of men arrived at her home that morning and told her to go shopping. Upon returning home she found Peter hanging by a noose in their chicken pen. 'YOU KILLED HIM!' Helen screamed at me in her lounge room following Peter's death. Uncle John, Aunty Anita, my mother, and my future husband were present. I was there to confront Helen about 'Pop's' sexual abuse of me throughout my childhood. 'But Mum,' Uncle John tried to explain, 'Fiona wasn't even here when dad died!' 'YOU KILLED HIM!' she insisted. What Nanna meant was, Peter was killed because of me. The cult killed Peter because he drove me away from Sydney. The cult had regular access to me from age 18 months until my parents moved 1000 kilometers north of Sydney when I was 12 years old after which I visited Sydney at least once per year until my birthday. I briefly lived with the Holowczaks during my first year of college but moved out after Peter began bullying me. I transferred to an interstate college and never looked back. 'Plain Vanilla' Peter Holowczak's hanging triggered my implicit memories of incest. My ordeal began with two weeks of unprecedented vertigo and insomnia followed by dissociation during which I swallowed a bottle of sleeping pills. I had never been suicidal before and had no intention of harming myself. The incident threw me into the mental health system where my memories surfaced spontaneously without the use of hypnosis. From my earliest memory, Helen Holowczak made me take baths with Peter and sleep in his room so he could rape me. Peter bribed me into silence by offering me Quick- Eze digestive lollies. He would also let me play with things from Nanna's display cabinet, including a little tea-set which was made up of burgundy apples with faces on them and a miniature plastic tree with autumn-coloured leaves. I was three when Peter locked me in an old refrigerator in his detached garage, the type that could only be opened from the outside. He threw cockroaches and other bugs on me, closed the door, and laughed as I screamed in terror. On many occasions, Peter threatened to crush my little fingers in a vintage washing machine mangle. Peter Holowczak owned a Doberman dog that he commanded in German. The dog was bred by the man who lived on Old lllawarra Road and wore a thick black leather collar around its neck with the name 'SATAN' stamped on it in capital letters. Peter made me get on all fours while the dog raped me from behind. He masturbated while he watched this. On one occasion, in Peter's bedroom, Peter sodomised my younger brother while the dog raped me. Pop's favourite game was hunt and rape. He would tell me to run and hide, then set 'Satan' the Doberman onto me. On one occasion I hid in between garage shelving, the dog found and barked crazily at me. I had to hide well or else the dog would rape me, just like the Nazis trained their dogs to rape Jewish women. Peter said he learnt to train dogs while working in the Nazi camps. When I threatened to tell my parents what Pop was doing to me, he filled their concrete laundry tub with water, stood me on a wooden crate before the basin, grabbed my head by the hair and shoved it underwater. He held my head under until I could barely breath, then ripped it up again and hissed, 'This is what will happen to you if you tell -...' before plunging my head back under. I was seven when Peter shoved my head into their outside unplumbed toilet. I vomited at the stench of raw sewerage while he sodomised me. I was eight when he inserted a dove's head inside my vagina and held it there while it writhed and died. I was eight when Peter put me into a box that lay in a hole in ground beneath his house, the same location he pretended to bury the neighbour's son three years earlier. He placed me in the box and told me I was going to die there, and then covered it up and left me there for hours. I was 11 when Peter took me up his back yard, behind the sheds that housed his bees, chickens, and pigeons. He showed me a huge pile of dead bees at the back. He pointed to something in the pile and told me to take a closer look. I leaned over the pile of dead bees when - he pushed me into it. Dead bees went all over me and through my clothes. I screamed hysterically while Peter laughed. Suddenly the back neighbour yelled over the fence at Peter, 'What are you doing to her?!' Peter lied to the neighbour and said that I fell into the pile of bees. I vividly recall the day the incest ended. I had a loud fight with Peter, yelled at him that Leonas Petrauskas ruled he was never to touch me again. Jan, the mother of my best friend Fiona LeCornu-Levett, interrupted and witnessed the argument when she arrived at the Engadine house to collect me. On our way to her Macquarie Fields home she repeatedly asked me, 'What was that about?' but I evaded the subject. In 2018, the NSW state government determined on the balance of probabilities that Peter Holowczak did violently rape and physically assault me throughout my childhood. Victim's Services awarded me the maximum compensation amount - $10,000. Luciferian Ritual Abuse My memories of ritual abuse began with a vivid visual flashback of Peter Holowczak and his neighbour ritually murdering a three-year-old blonde boy on a table in the front room of 12 McAlister Avenue. The neighbour's obese wife went insane and 'committed suicide' following years of miscarriages. Peter placed the child's body in a coffin made of rough pine panels in a shallow mock grave beneath the west side of the Holowczak's house. I did not realise at age five that they would later move the body. I attended rituals in the national park bushland surrounding the Sutherland Shire, in hidden basements. Freemason lodges (including Kidman's lodge at 317 Pacific Highway, North Sydney) and multiple Roman Catholic churches including Engadine BoysTown, St John Bosco church, Regina Coeli Memorial Church in Beverly Hills, and a wooden Catholic church that used to exist east of Engadine train station. Jesuit-trained Leonas Petrauskas presided over these rituals in which babies, children and adults were murdered in honor of their gods including Moloch/Molech, Baal, Dagon, Imhotep, Horus, Anubis, Thoth and Isis. My abusers seemed to have a god for every occasion, but Lucifer was lord of them all. Luciferian Creed: 'He Who Swords and Conquers for Baal' I was six when the cult taught me what would happen if I disclosed their identities and activities to anyone. I was taken into the depths of the bushland where each of the four limbs of a man they called a 'traitor' chained to a different vehicle. The vehicles drove off in different directions as the man screamed then exploded into pieces. On my sixth birthday, I was dressed in a new red, long dress and my hair was gathered in a part ponytail tied with a red ribbon. My uncle drove Nana to collect me from my home at the end of Virginia Street, Padstow, and took me to national park land situated on the coast, between the Sutherland Shire and Kiama. I recall subtropical looking trees and foliage, and a picnic table laden with sweets and coloured cordial. A group of blonde children were gathered around the table. The cordial was laced with drugs. It was daylight when I drank the cordial. It was dark when I awoke naked, strapped to the picnic table. Men and women dressed in black robes took turns at creeping up to me and whispering chants and the names of demonic entities into my ear. Later that night, a group of men from the local hunting clubs arrived in pick-up trucks, dressed in caps and gingham shirts, carrying hunting and surveillance gear. The children and I were stripped naked. I was taken aside and instructed me to take the children and hide them. Their lives were my responsibility, and if I failed - they would be killed. They painted something on my back before I briefed the children best I could. I had just turned six, but my mental age was far older. I desperate told the children they were to run for their lives, stay as quiet as possible, and find somewhere far away to hide. A gun was fired to mark the start of the hunt. I shouted at the kids to run. I drove them from behind like a cattle dog and pushed them up over the first hill. We were halfway up the second hill when I heard gunfire. Kids began dropping around me. When I realised all hope was gone - I took off. I dissociated from the pain and ran for hours and miles over hill and dale, through the wild fauna. A search party did not find me until the following afternoon. In the summer of 1975,1 witnessed a 12-year-old girl named Michelle gang raped by local BoysTown priests and hanged to death on a gum tree on the rocky bank of the Weir, a damned section of Woronora River, next to Engadine. Michelle was slim and wore her long dark hair in a side ponytail. She was dressed in a red t-shirt and white shorts. Michelle was kidnapped as she walked along a major road, by a white car containing men whom she knew and trusted. I was seated in the back. I saw them offer her a laced sweet from a white paper bag. I later saw Michelle's naked body hanging from a meat hook in a cold room on the grounds of Holsworthy Barracks. At age eight I suffocated during a rebirth ceremony at the abandoned Garrawarra Cemetery at Waterfall, south of Engadine. The cult lowered me onto a rotting corpse in an old grave and closed the lid. They chanted from the Book of the Dead as I screamed. I depleted the oxygen and passed out. I awoke in Sutherland Hospital on a metal table in a small internal room clad from floor to ceiling in blue tiles. An oxygen mask covered my mouth. Three people dressed in shower hats were silhouetted against a blinding overhead light. 'We nearly lost you,' a nurse cooed. 'Mummy's here.' Mummy! I glanced at the woman in the doorway to the right of my feet. You're not my mother! It was the red-headed wife of Ken, the fat Engadine policeman. Dr Petrauskas convinced hospital staff to release me into the counterfeit's care. At age eight, Peter Holowczak forced me to watch the dog breeder tie down a female Doberman dog that I was fond of, chop its newborn pups in half, and chop the mother's back legs off while it was still alive. They told me the same would happen to me and my brother if I ever disclosed. Peter dragged me along the ground by my hair and threw me into a cage while the dog breeder fed the human remains to his hungry dogs. At eight years of age I witnessed Leonas Petrauskas clean up after Prime Minister Paul Keating raped and murdered a five-year-old blonde boy on a beach at Kurnell. Keating panicked and buried the boy in a shallow grave. The following morning, police cordoned off the area while Petrauskas spoke with Keating who was dressed casually in board shorts. Petrauskas ordered me to dig up the body. Then he wrote a death certificate saying the boy was poisoned by a blue-ringed octopus. Necrophiliac pedophile Paul Keating at Kurnell beach murder scene. At age nine, I witnessed Leonas' daughter Krista Petrauskas seduce a curly blonde-haired surfer into the bushes at a beach near Kurnell. While having sex with the man, Krista drugged him using a hypodermic needle. Later that evening, the Cult ritually murdered the young man on the beach. They skewered him with a stake and burnt him alive. I was nine when I witnessed multiple murders at the Caltex Oil Refinery at Kurnell. There I was lined up with a small group of children in front of a factory incinerator. Men threw the children alive into the furnace where they burnt to death. I was at the end of the line and made to think I would also be burnt. My friend was second last in the line. They threw her into the flames. I leapt after her, to save her, but one of the men grabbed me. In the summer of 1984,1 witnessed the red-headed wife of Ken the fat Engadine policeman lure a 15-year-old boy into her car at a south Sydney beach, probably Cronulla. The boy had sandy-coloured hair and was dressed in board shorts and a pale blue t-shirt which had the distinct 'Billabong' wave logo on its breast. The boy was tied to a stake and burnt to Moloch at the dog breeder's property on Old lllawarra Road in Lucas heights. Caltex Oil Refinery furnace, Kurnell. Ivan Milat, the notorious serial killer who ritually murdered backpackers. Milat and the Slavic dog-breeder were what we called 'cleaners'; they did the dirty work, namely cleaning up and disposing of bodies. The bodies were usually fed to dogs. Any remains the dogs did not eat were dissolved in large concrete bath in a shed on his property. Other bodies were cremated. These people dared not leave traces of evidence, upon threat of their lives Ivan Milat, Peter Holowczak, and Peter the dog-breeder regularly associated. I was six when they forced me to watch them feed live children through an industrial mincer. The victims' remains were caught in a blue wading pool constructed of metal poles and plastic canvas. They threw me into the pool of blood and sludge at the end. I was 10 when they threw children off a cliff in the nearby bushland. I forget how old I was when they sliced a nine-year-old Down Syndrome in half on the dog-breeder's ban-saw. After going public about these crimes, I was contacted by people who corroborated my memories to varying degrees. Police raided the Holowczak's old house at 14 McAlister Avenue after it sold. During police investigations, the neighbour who owned the house next door at number 16 informed police that he had grown up in Engadine and exclaimed that much of what I described in my Candy Girl document fit his knowledge of the local area. He told police the dog breeder almost nabbed him and his mate as they rode past his house as children. I was also contacted by Dr John Melov's son Peter who supported my testimony on social media. Peter Melov told me he personally had no abuse memories. So, my right hemisphere knowingly asked him one thing: 'Did you own a Doberman dog.' At first, he could not recall his family owning a dog. I listened knowingly as it dawned on him. 'Wait a minute!' he gasped. 'We did have a dog! How did I forget that?' 'Was it a Doberman?' 'Yes!' The most validating circumstantial evidence came from Stephen Masters who grew up in the same area. Stephen and his mate were shot at by Ivan Milat in the bushland behind the dog-breeder's Lucas Heights property. Stephen surmised no-one would have noticed the guns shots because locals would assume the noise came from the nearby rifle range. Further, Stephen Masters purchased a dog from the same breeder who relocated to 6^*^ Avenue West Hoxton following the government reclamation of his property to build New lllawarra Road. It was Stephen who remembered the dog breeder's name was 'Peter' and that he bred dogs for the NSW Police Force. 276 The Cavern A massive cavern system exists beneath Holsworthy which links up to ANSTO in Lucas Heights. I surmise this is a man-made extension of a natural system, constructed to covertly transport and store artillery during war. There is a cavern system beneath Engadine BoysTown which I suspect connects to the Holsworthy one, but can't clearly recall. This cavern system houses multiple ritual sites and altars. At the BoysTown end sits a four ways intersection, plus a large bronze statue of Baal. The bull sits upright and holds a bowl filled with oil. A furnace beneath the bull heats the oil. At age 14,1 was subjected to an abortion performed by Leonas Petrauskas with the assistance of his daughter Krista whom he trained as a lay nurse. They placed the young foetus in the boiling oil. Sydney University My earliest memory of Sydney University is of peering through transparent white curtains to a skyline of the city, from a lecturer's office in the Chemistry faculty. I also recall a research lab in a basement with a high thin window with bars. I was six and lying in a dentist chair, being tortured by a very old man. He pulled out teeth and then put them back in again, without anaesthetic. I recall being in a dingy room with a window high on the wall - like a basement. The dentist had a foreign accent, his dark grey hair was slicked back with oil, and he had a v shaped hairline. His assistant was a psychology student dressed in a white lab coat. She had dark hair. I later encountered her in a post graduate class at Bond University. When I said I recognised her, she dismissed this with, 'I have one of those faces.' No, she does not. I recognised her. She is Serbian but Anglicised her name. She is now a registered psychologist who works with my perpetrators in Sydney. Following this incident, I was disturbed by a Sesame Street film clip of a child visiting a dentist who told the child he had 20 strong white teeth. I was again disturbed in my late teens, by an educational poster in my dentist's waiting room informing the reader that if a tooth is knocked out, store it in liquid because it could be successfully planted into its socket. I watched Vice Chancellor John Ward butcher children during a Halloween ritual inside a University of Sydney building. Dressed in a bright red Halloween robe, he skinned a child alive and made a skull and crossed bones. Origins of 'skull and crossed bones.' OTO Ritual Crucifixion I was nine when I witnessed Antony Kidman preside over the ritual flaying of a young blonde boy in the Great Hall. Nicole Kidman was 11 years old and seated in the front row during the murder. This was an OTO themed ritual murder, with Kidman and four others dressed in camp, theatrical robes coloured according to the Eastern Star pentagram which dominates Freemasonry and its related cults. 'Veronica' Researcher Steve McMurray located the identity of the Sydney Grande Dame I knew as 'Veronica' or 'Ronnie.' Here is the description I provided Steve: Tall, attractive, slender, with red hair and white skin. Extremely intelligent and academic. Private school educated. Kind with moral integrity. Good at the arts: music, history, English and languages. Associated with Sancta Sophia College, University of Sydney. Graduated University of Sydney. Her parents owned a property and horses west of Sydney. I could not decide whether she was a schoolteacher. University of Sydney lecturer, or supervised the students at a girls' student college. She died during a ritual at St Mary's Cathedral when she was 45 and I was 14 years old. Patricia Anne Conion Armed with this list to guide his search, Steve McMurray identified Patricia Anne Conion (nee Carden). I last visited Anne Conion in her Sancta Sophia living quarters when I was 14 years old. Her dorm featured a lounge area, ensuite, and a four-post bed. We ate in the communal dining room where Anne passed me off as her niece. During that visit, Anne told me she had been 'discovered' and was wanted for 'treason.' It was time for her to go, she told me. I begged her, 'Don't leave me with those men' but she thought I could fend for myself since I had just completed my training in the USA. Anne explained to me that she had lost everything, was tired of hurting children, and had nothing to live for. She made a blood pact with me and made me swear to go through with the necessary ritual. She bequeathed to me her black onyx jewellery set which was subsequently stored in Nanna's bedroom. I accompanied Anne Conion on her final round of goodbyes during which she announced her decision and my succession. This was ill received by Antony Kidman who coveted the position for his daughter Nicole. I heard from two independent sources that Nicole is male. That, plus her unimpressive IQ, would have rendered her ineligible for Grande Dame nomination. Volatile Rosalind Croucher also threw a tantrum at the news. She screamed that I was too young and demanded to know why I was chosen. She stopped mid-sentence and began to choke. She then collapsed to the floor, gasping for breath. 'That's why I chose her,' Anne concluded, and we left. Anne Conlon and Janelle Kidman had associated for years due to the close relationship between their husbands. So, we took tea with Janelle Kidman whom I despised. 'Fiona has just returned from America,' Anne tried to make polite conversation. 'Oh really,' Janelle feigned interest. 'How did that go.' Suddenly, Janelle's teacup exploded into pieces. Anne chastised me as we drove away. I waited until she calmed down before I added, 'Yeah, but it was funny.' She smiled. 'Yes, it was.' Anne smiled once more, during a visit to a horse property north-west of Sydney, when I made a joke about her long chestnut hair being the same colour as the horse. The Ritualistic Transfer of Power Fritz Springmeier described the Grande Dame position as follows: As a child of the Illuminati progressed through its programming, three people hod oversight over its programming: its Grande Mother, its Grande Dame, and the Programmer... The Illuminati method for killing a Grande Dame and passing her spiritual power on is done with reverence. No blood is to be spilled out of respect for the elderly woman who gives up her life willingly. At death, the last breath is inhaled by the replacement to transfer the power... the Grande Dames, are often veiled in ritual and would wear robes with different coloured lining. The different colours of linings show the different grades. Anne Conlon and I rode in mournful silence to St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney City. The Cathedral was packed full of dignitaries, politicians, entertainers and priests including Cardinal George Pell. The cathedral doors were heavily guarded by NSW police. The opulent evening ritual featured Bach organ music and a full choir. There I drew in Anne's last breath and collapsed to the floor behind the altar, devastated. It was acceptable for me to show emotion on this special occasion because my grief proved the 'good bond' between a Grande Dame and her apprentice. I quickly composed myself and strode numbly down the cathedral aisle to eerie Baroque music I now hate. The Backlash With Anne Conlon gone, I was fair game - just as I predicted. Antony Kidman took his rage out on me at a post-production party hosted at his Neutral Bay home on 27 October 1984. John Bell produced King Lear at his Nimrod Theatre Company, with a cast of Australia's finest actors including Judy Davis and Colin Friels. It was the night before my 15**^ birthday. Leonas Petrauskas dropped me in front of Kidman's house and told me to ring the doorbell and say 'Starchild is here.' Bruce Spence answered the door. I was led through a room full of noise, alcohol and people snorting cocaine on a coffee table in the corner. After the guests left, John Bell and Antony Kidman raped me in the loungeroom. Then they near drowned me in the pool. Kidman held my arms from behind while Bell danced like a monkey and plunged my head under with his foot. The following morning, I awoke in what looked like a basement. I was naked and tied to a chair. Kidman struck me repeatedly across the head and screamed: 'Do you remember now?V His 17-year-old daughter Nicole Kidman leaned against the wall with her arms crossed, smirking at me. Later, Janelle curtly handed me my freshly laundered clothes. Rosalind Croucher Rosalind Croucher studied law at Sydney University and specialised in private property law. She served as Acting Dean of the Sydney Law School, Deputy Chair of the University of Sydney Academic Board in 1999, Dean of the Macquarie University Law School, Chair of the Council of Australian Law Deans, Vice-President of the International Academy of Estate and Trust Law, and President of the Australian Law Reform Commission. In 2017, Rosalind Croucher commenced her seven-year tenure as President of the Australian Human Rights Commission. Her first act in that role was to defend a pedophile who lied on his job application to a major bank by not declaring his criminal conviction for child pornography. The bank consequently terminated his employment within the three- month probationary period. Croucher declared the termination a violation of the pedophile's human rights. Rosalind Croucher's pro-pedophile stance is consistent with her violent sexual and physical abuse of me as a minor. Order of the Eagle Ritual, Bathurst 1985 Rosalind Croucher organised the Luciferian ritual held in Bathurst City Hall on 6 October 1985, during the weekend of the famous Bathurst 1000 car race. It coincided with the birthday of Richie Benaud, Australian sporting legend and television commentator. Leonas Petrauskas drove me and a blonde 15-year-old boy named Thomas to the event. Thomas was another 'chosen one' in training at Regina Coeli in Beverly Hills. We sat in the front row of the upstairs mezzanine in the hall which was packed with robed VIPs including the Bathurst Mayor, St Stanislaus College priests, and NSW police. The massive population increase in Bathurst due to the car race disguised the crowd who congregated for this event A small group of robed Luciferians stood on the black stage: Rosalind Croucher, Richie Benaud, Kim Beazley Snr, Bruce Spence, and NSW Police Commissioner John Avery. A purple satin banner hung at the back of the stage. It was a rectangular shape and bore the Seal of Solomon. A large encircled spread eagle stood in the middle of the banner, its head locked to its right, its wings and legs were outstretched. The bird's wings and claws fit three different invisible occult symbols: an encircled pentagram, an encircled hexagram, and the Freemason compass and square. Each banner corner featured a symbol inside a blue circle. Order of the Eagle ritual banner, freehand drawn from implicit memory, ruled lines added afterwards. Symbology Explained 1. Rod of Asclepius (top left) A serpent entwined around a pole was the original symbol of modern medicine. The Rx symbol that doctors write on prescriptions stands for the Eye of Horus. The original Hippocratic Oath was sworn by pagan gods including Asclepius. 2. Trident (top right) or Psi, the Greek symbol for Psychology or Mind Control. 3. Delta (bottom left) Triangle divided into three triangles, represents the satanic trinity. 4. Cleopatra's Needle (bottom right) a circle dissected by a vertical line that began in its middle and exited its base. It is the 2D representation of a hypodermic needle penetrating a cell. The 3D equivalent is the obelisk which is meant to be a giant hypodermic needle and not a phallic symbol. Hence the name 'Cleopatra's needle.' It represents genetic engineering, cloning, transhumanism - true Alchemy. The five priests presided over the ritual caesarean of a heavily pregnant woman and the butchering of her baby. They ceremonially prepared the baby body and blood in a gold chalice and plate which were distributed as communion. This is the Luciferian black mass on which the Roman Catholic mass is based. 'You're up,' Petrauskas whispered into my ear. So, I made my way to the stage. 'Let's take you down a notch,' Croucher smirked at me. A decaying rat was forced into my face and I was ordered to take a bite. I briefly hesitated but complied. Then Bruce Spence violently raped me on the altar in front of the crowd. After this I took a seat in the front row and watched a group of naked, hypnotised children line up at the front of the stage. Spence decapitated them with a samurai sword, and the crowd broke out into a frenzied bloody orgy. Kim Beazley held a decapitated head of a girl to my face and smirked, 'Take ye eat.' Finally, Rosalind Croucher urinated in my mouth while I was gang raped. 'You flinched!' Petrauskas yelled at me backstage. 'No,' I lied. He led me to a back room to the right of the stage where Rosalind Croucher stood next to a mobile defibrillation unit. Petrauskas told me to sit in the chair. I obeyed. Then Croucher angrily began electrocuting me to the head. 'Okay, that's enough!' Petrauskas warned her. Croucher trembled with rage and continued. She had organised the entire event as an act of revenge against me. 'Stop!' Petrauskas yelled, 'She is government property! You will get in big trouble!' Croucher persisted. I snapped. 'Stand down. Soldier!' Petrauskas ordered. Too late. I grabbed Croucher by the throat, lifted her off the floor, robotically turned my head toward Petrauskas and coolly stated: 'Leave us.' Escaping the Cult Three key incidents provided legitimate grounds for my leaving the cult. The first was Kidman and Bell's rape at their post-production party, the second was Croucher's violent assault at Bathurst, and the third was when the 'Light Man' turned up mid-ritual. The latter incident in a basement beneath one of the churches, either Regina Coeli or St John Bosco. I get confused because their street layout is similar, but I err in favour of Beverly Hills due to its larger size. Whichever church it was, there was a home opposite it owned by a Christian family. The cult called genuine praying Christians 'Lights' and held meetings to devise strategies for driving them out, because presence which spiritually disrupted the effects of their witchcraft. Large Catholic churches contain a second altar which sits directly beneath the public altar in an underground crypt. The stone crypt floor was lined with pews. I stood behind the altar, facing a room full of robed cult members. A baby lay face up on the altar, its head pointed to my right. I raised the ceremonial knife when - suddenly, white light flooded the room. I froze amidst the pandemonium of cult members diving beneath the pews, screaming, clasping their ears, and clawing at the floor to escape. 'Fiona,' a voice spoke out of the light, 'Do you choose to do this?' 'NO!' I screamed and dropped the knife. 'JESUS, HELP!!!' I fled. The usual guards were gone from the front of the church. I ran down the street and through the front door of the Christian family's home where they sat in their loungeroom watching television. Their faces looked like stunned mullets as I, fully robed and breathless, burst into their presence. 'PRAY!' I gasped and collapsed to my knees. The Luciferian cult has its own judicial system called the Grande Council which meet to determine serious issues such as whether a cult member ought to be put to death. I was not present for the hearings against Peter Holowczak or Antony Kidman, but their deaths have the tell-tale signs of a Grande Council determination. The Grande Council convened in the University of Sydney MacLaurin Hall. I was called to plead my case for leaving the cult. My desire to leave placed the cult in an awkward position since they could not simply replace a Grande Dame. Any new Grande Dame must draw in the dying breath of the previous one, and I had already taken that gig. The cult could not simply kill me, because I had to surrender my life willingly. I was unwilling. Besides, I was still a 'National Asset' as Gittinger said, in which governments jointly invested many millions. It costs the government $1 million to train a regular soldier. Image the cost of training a MK-DELTA soldier. My defence consisted of a scathing attack on Antony Kidman and Rosalind Croucher and how they had placed their personal hatred of before the collective good. If anyone ought to serve penance - they should. The cult had promised me the Grande Dame position carried a level of respect, privilege and self-determination - none of which had been afforded me. My trump card was the 'Light Man' incident. I spoke of how from my earliest memory, life they taught me that 'The Order' and their gods were omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. I challenged them: 'My whole life you have told me that Lucifer is the most powerful being! Oh, yeah? Then who was that?!! WHO WAS THAT!N THE BASEMENT?!' Silence. 'Until you can answer my question,' I pointed at the ceiling, 'I'm with HIM!' They had no answer. Kidman broke the silence. 'And what will you do now, without us?' I had plenty of natural talent to fall back on. 'Like what,' Kidman asked. I listed off my interests and abilities. 'There's a piano,' he motioned to the nearby instrument. 'Play something.' I began to play. Kidman approached, watched me for a moment - then slammed the piano lid onto my hands. He leant on my trapped fingers, plunged his contorted face in mine, and spat: 'You will NEVER amount to ANYTHING without US!!’ True to his word, the cult harassed me my entire life, thwarted my every attempt to find a place in society, sabotaged my every interest, passion, and pursuit until I eventually ran out of options and energy. But there is one thing I succeeded at. I wrote this book. * * * The Relevance of Intelligence I've heard John [Gittinger] say there's always something that someone wonts. And with the PAS you can find out what it is. It's not necessarily sex or booze. Sometimes it's status, or recognition, or security. - CIA Psychologist 'You need to write an Australian book on gifted education/ my friend suggested. She had just enrolled her son in a private school for gifted kids - the very program I had just withdrawn my daughter from. 'Sure/ I joked, 'I'll call it. The Genius' Guide to Complete Idiots.’ 'Oh... don't you think that's a little harsh? I mean, couldn't you tone it down a bit? Think of something less confrontational?' Me: 'Nope.' Six months later, my friend phoned again. Her countenance had shifted. Through clenched teeth she spewed out a torrent of abuse about her son's so-called gifted education program. 'And I'll tell you another thing!' she spat, 'You write that book! You write that book - and you keep that fucking titleV While it's perfectly acceptable for Australians to brag about their kids' selection for elite sporting teams, the very mention of a child's intellectual superiority invariably incurs criticism and victimisation from everyone, particularly schoolteachers. Australians are so entrenched in 'tall poppy syndrome,' I have attracted criticism for daring to suggest that I was the victim of an elite pedophile ring. Oh, ELITE you say! So, you're not good enough to be abused by just any old pedophile ring. Yours must be an ELITE one! So, you can well imagine the criticism I copped for trying to explain the relevance of intelligence within the context of the MK-ULTRA selection process. The snidest criticism came from lawyer Michael Salter, self-appointed expert on 'complex trauma and organised sexual abuse' who worked for an ALP politician before parachuting into the DID industry with no relevant qualification: We have a different standard regarding the public domain and publishing what you are unable to prove. Like saying that you hove different brain structure. This reduces your credibility. Intelligence is the most important variable to understand when trying to fathom the MK-ULTRA mind control selection and programming process. Every victim of mind control I know was chosen based on their IQ level. It is important for the reader to understand there is nothing elitist about being highly intelligent, nor about merely discussing the topic of intelligence. I will now discuss the psychology behind this phenomenon. Set aside your understanding of intelligence. You were taught the smartest people got dux at school, graduated university, were awkward nerds who became doctors and lawyers, right? Wrong. We are socially conditioned to confuse 'intelligent' with 'educated.' The brightest students were not, are not, and never will be, accommodated in Australia's education system. The smartest people in your Kindy classes did not graduate from high school. Their true ability went undetected. Instead, they were bullied for being more interested in the concept of lift rather than watching Sesame Street, found school mind numbingly tedious, mentally disengaged in class by Grade 3, and spent the following decade underachieving. The brightest children drop out of high school feeling persecuted, disillusioned, different, and dumb, and finish up blue-collar workers like my science genius brothers who dig dirt for a living. The smartest kids exhibit the following innate characteristics: Intensity Outstanding sense of humour Perfectionist Early or avid reader (e.g., perfectly pronounces any word in the KJV Bible at age 5). Rapid learner (Completes one school grade per month in conducive environment). Independent learner Extensive vocabulary (Understands the word 'shoes' at age two months, speaks full sentences by age one). Excellent memory (Usually photographic). Long attention span when interested (Spends days making craft or radios by age 6). Strong sense of social justice and fairness Emotional sensitivity Morality Compassion Extremely curious Questions authority Good at jigsaw puzzles Highly creative Ability with numbers Prefer older friends (of the same intelligence level). Intelligence Defined The military and secret services employ the traditional, scientific definition of intelligence as determined by comprehensive psychometric testing. Standardised tests of cognitive ability were initially designed for military recruitment purposes during the first world war. The armed forces and secret services have incorporated these tests in their selection processes ever since. For instance, former CIA case officer Philip Agee'*^^ described undergoing a battery of vocational, aptitude, and personality tests including: the Stanford- Binet, Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, Strong Interest Inventory, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Guilford's Structure of Intellect, Kuder Occupational Interest Survey, and the Rorschach inkblot test. Francis Galton, Lewis Terman, Letta Hollingworth, and Charles Spearman pioneered an evidence-based approach to the study of intelligence. Terman produced the Stanford- Binet intelligence test. Spearman created math formulae to identify a general innate Phillip Agee (1975). Inside the Company: CIA Diary. Penguin. component of intelligence (g) within this and later IQ tests. Terman and Hollingworth distinguished characteristics common to children who scored within the 'giftedness' ranges on the Stanford Binet. Discrimination between the highest intelligence levels is crucial because members of each IQ category share similar learning and psychological characteristics, capabilities, and needs. The resultant, recognised giftedness categories are: Moderately gifted (IQ 130 to 144) - Highly (IQ 145 to 159) Exceptionally (IQ 160 to 179) Profoundly (IQ 180+). To provide context, the average IQ is 100, the average IQ of a school teacher is 110, and the average IQ of a doctor or lawyer is 120. An intelligence quotient of 120 is simultaneously the optimal IQ for academic achievement within a traditional school classroom. In other words, the average doctor or lawyer is not even moderately gifted. These fundamental findings were later undermined by Renzulli, Sternberg and Gardner who fostered today's popular misconception that everybody is gifted when compared to a long-enough shopping list of possible talents. The idea that everybody is gifted forces everybody into the far-right tail of the normal distribution curve - a mathematical impossibility. Modern psychologists and educators deny the notion of innate intelligence. They treat intelligence as nothing more than a person's acquired knowledge and skills. According to their conception of intelligence, differences between individuals' IQ scores stem from variation in environmental opportunity for acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary for performance on standardised intelligence tests.This is a Marxist based fallacy. As we explore in this chapter, military intelligence and secret service recruitment processes are based on the premise that intelligence is genetically predisposed and environmentally enhanced. In other words, people who lack the genes can't be nurtured into a genius. The army is not interested in warm egalitarian concepts delivered by Marxist university professors. The military simply want to know what works in the field, and whether they can trust Freddie with a tank. Attributing individual differences in intelligence primarily to environmental factors - as mainstream educators and psychologists do - is like saying a natural brunette can change into a natural blonde without hair dye. Individual differences are genetically determined. Just as we inherit individual differences in hair colour, facial features, body type, and health issues from our ancestors, so we inherit differences in brain structure and function. Intelligence is the product of variation in brain structure, and a function of how fast our brains work due to this variation. High IQ individuals share different brain structure and function compared to people with average IQ. Researchers are consistently proving that the brains of individuals who score highly on standardised intelligence tests are denser, more interconnected, and Arthur R. Jensen (1993). Why Is Reaction Time Correlated with Psychometric g? Current Directions in Psychoiogicai Science, 2:2, April, 53-56. possess greater neural integrity. These factors create faster brain impulses, allowing high IQ people to react to (i.e., process) sensory input more quickly. Intelligence is the product of variation in brain structure, & a function of how fast our brains work due to this variation Processing Speed Eugenicist Francis Galton of the Darwin-Huxley-Wedgewood dynasty was the first to hypothesise that variation of sensory discrimination and speed of response to stimuli would reflect intelligence differences.He measured thousands of subjects' reaction time to visual and auditory stimuli. Yet his conclusions regarding intelligence were publicly rejected as too simplistic. A modern reprise of Galton's research into reaction time and IQ differences have yielded results consistent with his original hypothesis. Numerous studies conducted globally prove that people with higher IQs are quicker at processing sensory stimuli. For example, a metanalysis of 14 studies conducted between 1884 to 2004, including one study by Galton, showed reaction time (which reflects a person's mental processing speed) indicates general intelligence.^^® A 2008 metanalysis of 172 studies, with a total of over 53,000 participants, found IQ to be correlated with mental speed, and concluded that phenotypic correlations between IQ and mental speed are attributable to correlated genetic factors.A 2013 study showed that people with higher IQs have quicker reflexes and make faster perceptual judgments. Modern research is increasingly employing brain scans to reach similar conclusions. A 2009 study used Diffusion Tensor Imaging to compare neural integrity in 92 pairs of fraternal and identical twins. Results showed that faster processing speed is correlated with higher IQ, and that processing speed is genetically determined.This study produced a strong correlation between the thickness of myelin (the insulation that coats neural wiring in the brain) and performance on the Weschler IQ test. The thicker the myelin, the faster the brain transmits messages, and the faster the brain processes sensory input. This research showed myelin integrity to be an inheritable determinant of IQ. A 2012 study pooled brain scans and genetic data from 21,000 subjects scattered around the world, to find evidence of a genetic link to brain function and IQ.'*^^ A 2015 study used fMRI analysis to find a correlation between cognitive ability and greater connectivity between brain regions involved in higher-level cognition.Another 2015 study (of 126 Arthur R. Jensen (1982). Reaction Time and Psychometric g? Free Press, 93-4. M. Khodadadi et al. (2014). Relationship between Intelligence and Reaction Time: A Review Study, Internationai Journai ofMedicai Reviews, 1:2, Spring, 63-69. L. D. Sheppard & P.A. Vernon (2008). Intelligence and speed of information-processing: A review of 50 years of research. Personaiity and Individuai Differences, 44:3, 535-551. ™ M.D. Melnick et al. (2013). A Strong Interactive Link between Sensory Discriminations and Intelligence. Current Bioiogy. M. C. Chiang et al. (2009). Genetics of Brain Fiber Architecture and Intellectual Performance. Journal of Neuroscience, 18 Feb, 29:7, 2212-2224. Stephanie Pappas (2012). Genes Tied To IQ, Brain Size in UCLA ENIGMA Study, Fluffington Post, 15 April. Steve Conor (2015). Intelligent people's brains wired differently to those with fewer intellectual abilities, says study Independent, 28 Sep. subjects) found fMRI scans of brain connectivity can predict fluid intelligence. This same project discovered that everyone's brain connectivity is unique and can be solely used, like a fingerprint, to identify someone. A similar 2017 study employed R-fMRI data to accurately identify individuals, and significantly predict higher cognitive performance, based on their brain connectivity. The latter two studies refute criticism of the notion that gifted individuals possess different brain structure, as they show that everyone has different brain structure. fMRI scans show - everyone has different brain structure. IQ Tests Work Properly administered, comprehensive IQ tests measure exactly what the pioneers of intelligence research designed them to. Lewis Terman adapted the Stanford Binet from its French predecessor, to identify intellectual giftedness. His subsequent 1960 version, the Stanford Binet L-M, is unmatched in its ability to recognise visual-spatial pre-schoolers. It also remains the only test which can identify the top two categories of intellectual giftedness. David Wechsler's IQ test series (WAIS and WISC) are commonly employed by educational psychologists to identify academic giftedness. This is problematic because these tests were designed to identify intellectual disability, not ability. Bright kids often obtain false negative results on the WAIS (by as much as 30 IQ points) because they are timed and extremely boring. The problem with timing is it thwarts the gifted individual's characteristic thinking style and their consideration of all response alternatives. Hence Working Memory and Processing Speed scores are usually invalid and therefore ignored by specialist examiners. Giftedness guru Linda Kreger Silverman asserts that gifted children score highest in the three WISC index areas most heavily loaded for abstract reasoning: Verbal Comprehension, Visual Spatial, and Fluid Reasoning. She also recognises the Wechsler's one outstanding advantage: Block Design is the single best IQ measure of visual-spatial ability. Comprehensive IQtests like the Wechsler and Stanford-Binet provide an indication of brain laterality. They measure and compare the functioning of the two brain hemispheres and yield scores for Auditory-Sequential versus Visual-Spatial processing. The assessor looks for discrepancy between these two main scores when searching for cognitive deficiency. As a simple example (because test analysis gets extremely complex), a person who scores normally on the visual-spatial test items but significantly lower on auditory-sequential tasks may suffer an auditory processing problem. Conversely, someone who scores normally on auditory items but too low on visual items may have a visual processing impairment. Based on these results, kids may be prescribed educational interventions, or referred to relevant specialists for further assessment and treatment. Ignorant educators typically label IQ tests E.S. Finn et al. (2015). Functional connectome fingerprinting: identifying individuals using patterns of brain connectivity, Nature Neuroscience, 18,1664-71. J. Liu, X. Liao, M. Xia, & Y. He (2018). Chronnectome fingerprinting: Identifying individuals and predicting higher cognitive functions using dynamic brain connectivity patterns, Hum Brain Mapp, Feb, 39:2, 902-15. 'elitist' when their main use is identifying developmental and other disorders that hinder learning. Brain Laterality After grasping the concept of intelligence, the next important variable to understand is brain laterality. The brain is divided into two main hemispheres, left and right. Lateralization of hemispheric functioning means one hemisphere dominates the other while processing incoming stimuli. Stimuli are detected by five major senses (vision, hearing, taste, smell, and touch) and two lesser known ones (proprioceptive and vestibular). Psychiatrist lain McGilchrist wrote a book that provoked a paradigm shift in the world of neuroscience.'^^® Based on an extensive literature review, he identified the autonomous roles of each brain hemisphere, thereby dispelling the myth that language processing is localised left, and imagery right. McGilchrist's thesis is that the hemispheres perform complementary yet conflicting roles. Sensory input enters the right hemisphere, is sent to the left for processing, and returns to the right for a new synthesis. This process is mediated by the corpus callosum. Split-brain cases studies, where the corpus callosum is surgically severed, indicate the two hemispheres are capable of independent thoughts, feelings, sensations, memories, desires, and will. The author recognises that brains of normal individuals may show bias toward one or the other hemisphere. Right Hemisphere: 'Dr Jekyl' The right hemisphere is larger and more connected compared to the left. It is sensitive to testosterone and noradrenalin, and it regulates the heart and blood pressure in response to emotion. The right sees things holistically and in context. It takes a broader perspective, including the left hemisphere's content. It is primarily interested in living things, and things external to itself. The right is capable of compassion, empathy, altruism, and morality. It is flexible to change and deals with new information. The right can espouse another's perspective. It understands humour, metaphor, sarcasm, sadness, and regulates tears. It processes music and art. It is better at science and math problems and has a broader, more sophisticated vocabulary. The right brain is responsible for processing all aspects of emotion except anger. It reads micro facial expression, body language, detects deceit, resists the usual train of thought, perceives anomaly, and questions authority. It applies common sense. The right hemisphere is the seat of creativity and interest in God. It is better at maintaining four of the five types of attention, vigilance, alertness, sustained, and divided attention. The right better integrates sensory input, and carries information on touch, pain, and body position. The right brain has longer working memory. It also contains episodic memory, which is memory for personal experience and emotions. The right synthesises complex information, perceives complex visual or conceptual patterns, and can make connections between seemingly unrelated pieces of information. The right appreciates uniqueness and individuality, and is concerned with the personal, and what exists apart from us. It has a Ian McGilchrist (2019). The Master and his Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western Worid. Yale University Press. sense of the past and future, and so can foresee consequences and make predictions. The right hemisphere is near impossible to silence. Key Hemispheric Differences LEFT BRAIN RIGHT BRAIN Narrow focus Wide, flexible focus Known New Predictable Possibility Division Integration Parts Whole Abstraction Context Categories Individuals Sameness Differences Rationale Reason Dead Living Apathy Empathy Anger Emotional understanding, expression & affinity Criminal Moral sense Explicit Implicit Left Hemisphere: 'Mr Hyde' The left hemisphere perceives fragments of information. It can't see the whole, or the bigger picture. Its narrow perspective ignores right brain content. The left hemisphere is only interested in public domain facts. It can't cope with new information, interprets everything according to existing knowledge, and denies discrepancies that do not fit the established paradigm. It deals with linear, sequential pieces of information. It sees things as fixed and equivalent. It labels, types, categorises, collects, and organises things. It compartmentalises things in classes that make no sense. It processes basic arithmetic yet can't solve complicated math or science problems. The left brain is incapable of imagination or creativity and can't deal with novelty or unpredictable situations. Only after something new has been repeated and becomes overfamiliar and lifeless does it pass to the left hemisphere for storage. The left brain has a limited vocabulary of simple, highly related words. It does not perceive humour, irony, metaphor, or any complex language features. It exhibits only one of the five types of attention - focussed. The left brain is preoccupied with man-made, inanimate objects, and machines. It does not appreciate poetry, music, or beautiful realistic art. It is only interested in abstract art that is depersonalised and breaks living things into unrecognisable parts. The left brain can't recognise emotion or body language. It is incapable of eye contact, and only sees the mouth. The left has no social skills, no empathy, no sense of Theory of Mind (the ability to pace oneself in another's position and imagine what that person is thinking). The left brain lacks common sense. Fuelled by dopamine, it is preoccupied with sex and food. Having no sense of the future or of consequences, the left settles for instant gratification. The left hemisphere cares nothing for others, has no conscience, and is incapable of feeling guilt. Anger is its only emotion. The left brain is capable of malice, manipulation, lying, and wilful denial. It seeks power and control. It sees people as objects of use, or prey. The left brain is passive and easily silenced. Left-Brained Society Western Society is increasingly being dominated by left hemispheric processing and the suppression of right hemispheric ability. This shift is disturbing considering the left brain's intellectual limitations and capacity for evil. Operating in isolation, the left brain exhibits every negative human quality that is poisoning our society: it is selfish, deluded, superficial, dysfunctional, egotistical, psychopathic, narrow-minded, atheistic, and plain dumb. The dominance of left hemispheric processing has implications for science, medicine, psychology, education, government - everything. Communism is the perfect example of left-brain indoctrination and right-brain suppression. When the right hemisphere functions abnormally, the left takes its place. This problem is associated with various DSM diagnoses including autism and psychopathy, two groups incapable of empathy and motivated by their desire to control. When left-brain dominant people assume positions of power within education, medicine, law or the secret services, the results are what we see manifesting in this increasingly permissive and perverse society. Indeed, white-collared psychopaths administer a hierarchy of mindless, easily silenced left-brain minions within every area of Australian government. Rock the boat within any sector and you will surely experience the manifestation of the Black Network. Implications for Victims Left-Brain Education System. Schools and universities teach to the left-brain and reward left-brain learning responses. Extreme left-brain functioning is the optimal learning style required for success, which explains why individuals with high-functioning autism excel in this environment. Law and medicine are the pinnacle courses that successful high school graduates aim for and yet these do not screen for unmanaged autism. Science is particularly saturated with individuals who have autism and whose right hemispheres simply do not work. People who operate solely from the left brain see those who use their right brain as a source of threat or discomfort that they try to manage or silence altogether. The incidence of autism is increasing exponentially, so expect a future society void of right-hemispheric processing ability. Left-Brain Heaith Industry. Health professionals are a product of left-brain academia. This partly explains why health professionals deny the effectiveness of new, innovative, and sometimes alternative mental health assessment and treatment methods. It accounts for why doctors present as cold, inflexible, and lacking the empathy and insight essential for understanding and treating complex cases of extreme abuse. It reveals why psychiatrists rely on medical equipment, rigid diagnostic classification systems, and unquestioning drug prescription. The psychiatric industry rigidly adheres to an outdated and disproven theory that all mental health problems stem from a biochemical imbalance. The DSM was based on this theory. The mental health industry is still preoccupied with labelling patients according to the DSM and making patients take drugs which are proven to perpetuate depression and other mental health conditions. Even if a patient's symptoms do not fit the listed classifications, that patient will certainly be stuffed into one or more inappropriate DSM categories. The diagnoses invariably escalate over time until the patient is eventually labelled Borderline Personality Disordered and therefore unfixable. Psychiatry focuses on what is wrong with the patient instead of what has happened to cause their distress. Psychiatry forbids consideration of alternative causes of patient symptomology, and psychologists operate under the jurisdiction of psychiatry. Being obsessed with lists of rules and set procedures, the left-brain health administrators invariably punish dissidents who dare apply right-brain consideration to their assessment and treatment approach. Being obsessed with power and control, doctors commonly abuse their authority to punish staff and bright victims who refuse to comply with their ineffective and harmful treatments. Such Such patients are typically labelled 'noncompliant' and said to lack insight. The patients can then be labelled a danger to themselves and society. They are then sectioned, or placed on community treatment orders, and forced to take drugs which have been proven to have detrimental side effects such as uncontrollable shaking, Parkinson symptoms, and a 25-year reduction in life expectancy. McGilchrist notes: MPD, BPD, schizophrenia, anorexia, and self-harming are all characterised by dissociation, hypnotisability, left hemispheric hyperactivity, and a suppressed right brain. Interestingly, victims of extreme abuse are misdiagnosed with those very DSM labels. The author made relevant connections but missed the right-brain bigger picture: (a) unethical hypnosis is used to cause dissociation and split-personalities within victims, and (b) schizophrenia, anorexia, and self-harming are symptoms of extreme abuse. According to McGilchrist, processing of new information occurs in a RIGHT LEFT ^ RIGHT hemispheric sequence. New stimuli enter and are 'grounded' in the right hemisphere. The stimuli then pass to the left for -1 surmise - comparison to previous experience, labelling, sequencing, and basic language application. McGilchrist says the information is then returned to the right brain for integration and storage. In mind control victims, the brain hemispheres are intentionally split, the left hemisphere is suppressed, and stimuli are prevented from being processed by the left hemisphere; resulting in the trauma symptomology we will explore later. RIGHT LEFT RIGHT Brain Processing Order Implicit Processing The author's discussion of the right hemisphere's capacity for implicit processing is a crucial consideration for MK-ULTRA and MK-DELTA victims who were specifically selected based on their right hemispheric processing ability. McGilchrist states: In fact, reasoning is of different kinds, and though linear seguential argument is clearly better executed by the left hemisphere, some types of reasoning, including deduction, and some types of mathematical reasoning, are mainly dependent on the right hemisphere. More explicit reasoning is underwritten by the left hemisphere, less explicit reasoning (such as is often involved in problem solving, including scientific and mathematical problem solving) by the right hemisphere. There is a relation between the pleasurable 'ahal' phenomenon of insight and the right amygdala, which mediates interactions between emotions and higher frontal cognitive function. In fact, an extensive body of research now indicates that insight, whether mathematical or verbal, the sort of problem solving that happens when we are, precisely, not concentrating on it, is associated with activation in the right hemisphere... When teenage science prodigy David Adair met Stephen Hawking, Hawking asked Adair for the source of his mathematic formulas. Adair reluctantly admitted that most of his solutions came to him in dreams. Stephen Hawking then replied, 'I get a lot of my ideas through dreams also. We dream on the same wavelength.' This demonstrates the right brain's implicit (unconscious) processing ability. Implicit problem solving commonly occurs during a relaxed, wakeful state in high IQ individuals, such as during creativity which is a mild dissociative state. Implicit reasoning explains how someone instantly produces the answer to a complex question but can't explain how they got there. 'I just know,' is their typical response. This is because they do not consciously know, since their right hemisphere processed the problem unconsciously. Implicit processing ability is characteristic of highly intelligent individuals with a visual-spatial learning preference. The higher the IQ, the more pronounced the implicit processing ability. I will now explain how perpetrators screened for implicit processing ability in MK- ULTRA and MK-DELTA candidates. Visual-Spatial Learners Because peoples' brains are wired differently, they process incoming stimuli differently. These processing differences have been observed by measuring Alpha and Beta brainwave activity during cognitive tasks. These studies show that people of average IQ typically rely on the left hemisphere when performing cognitive tasks, and the left side is activated during these tasks. Qwing to greater brain connectivity, both brain hemispheres are activated when high IQ individuals perform cognitive tasks. Highly intelligent people also show dominant Alpha activity in the right brain hemisphere during processing. Within the specialist field of giftedness education and educational psychology, those who favour their left brain during cognitive processing are called Auditory-Seguential Learners (ASLs) while those who favour their right, or are bilaterally activated during processing, are called Visual-Spatial Learners (VSLs). Qwing to left hemisphere dominance, ASLs tend to think in words, they respond best to educational content presented in sequence with a reliance on rote learning, phonetic language acquisition, written text, and simple verbal explanation. This group are good at reading a textbook from start to finish, focussing on the class teacher, and regurgitating rote content in exams. However, this group can't understand what they learn. Contextual ™ A. Jahidin et al. (2013). Asymmetry Pattern of Resting EEG for Different IQ Levels, Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 97, 246-251.
understanding relies on right hemispheric activation, which they simply do not have. ASLs comprise most students. The ASLs who perform optimally in this traditional classroom (which is geared exclusively to ASLs) typically gain the top university entry scores. Successful students learn by rote memory but can't understand what they learn. According to McGilchrist, deductive reasoning activates the right hemisphere's visual areas in the absence of visual stimuli. Activation of the right hemisphere allows the gifted group to think in pictures. Hence, when you verbally describe something to a high IQ VSL, if they are interested in what you say, and are focused on your content, they will immediately convert your words into a movie in their head. Your words will then be permanently stored in this visual format, and the listener will never forget what you told them. This is called eidetic memory. You might know it as photographic memory. The higher the IQ, the more pronounced this ability. I once asked a successful lawyer what separates average from exceptional lawyers. 'Photographic memory!' he quipped. The ability to visualise makes right hemispheric learning and processing far superior. The advantage to quickly recalling relevant legislation and cases is obvious. Additionally, the gifted individual's lateral thinking ability serves them well in statutory interpretation. Qwing to their superior right brain functioning, gifted individuals only need to learn a concept once to understand and permanently remember it. This assists rapid knowledge acquisition. Yet high IQ's must understand something in order to learn and memorise it. Hence, intelligent kids incessantly question everything. They are independent, lateral thinkers who make the best leaders. Intellectually gifted students prefer a holistic learning approach which starkly contrasts traditional schooling methods based on auditory- sequential repetition and phonetics. If permitted to learn the way their brains are wired to, exceptionally gifted children typically complete high school or university before their age peers finish primary school. Stanford University run a special school program for children who score IQ 145+ on the Wechsler or SB5, where they can do university level work from age five years. I know because my daughter was enrolled in their distance education program. Australian students who score IQ 130+ on comprehensive measures are neglected educationally and psychologically. Consequently, they drop out of school mentally by Grade 3, and physically before high school graduation. The brightest students typically do not pursue tertiary studies in law or medicine. This well contributes to why most doctors and psychiatrists are ignorant and ineffective when it comes to working with victims of extreme abuse. It also explains why so many surgeons are butchers, since surgical skill requires high right brain visual-spatial processing ability. Generally, doctors are only good at following a sequential set of steps, such as anaesthesiology, but are quite useless, even dangerous, when faced with novel situations. Doctors are particularly susceptible to the Dunning-Kruger Effect, a cognitive bias in which people of average IQ have illusory superiority and mistakenly assess their intelligence level as greater than it is. They come to the field of medicine assuming they already possess all they need to know, when their average IQ level prevents them from understanding more complex concepts and discovering a whole body of information that sits outside their left- brain capacity and knowledge base. Creativity Creativity is not synonymous with intellectual giftedness, meaning a person can be gifted and not so creative, or creative and not gifted. This puzzles me since creativity is associated with the right hemisphere, and high IQ people exhibit such high activation in this area. Highly intelligent people can produce different profiles where they score higher on left or right brain tasks. And people can be right brain dominant without being high IQ. So, I deduce creativity has to do with right hemispheric activity. Lewis Terman defined genius as an individual who measured IQ 180+ on the Stanford Binet. CIA psychologist John Gittinger considered genius to be a combination of exceptionally high IQ plus extremely high creative ability. The creative and gifted child who scored profoundly on visual-spatial test items was the CIA's prime mind control target. The 'creative genius' was the ideal candidate for the range of CIA programs including MK-DELTA and Stargate which I discuss later. Until recently, it has been impossible for mainstream psychologists to test creativity, because no one had defined the variable 'creativity' such that it can be operationalised and psychometrically tested. Mainstream scientists are only now starting to publish evidence of what I was mocked for saying years ago, that the CIA used brain scanning to assess victims for creativity. For example, a 2018 study used fMRI scans to show that creative thinking ability is characterized by a distinct brain connectivity profile.Researchers reliably predicted an individual's ability to generate original ideas, from the strength of functional connectivity within a brain network associated with creative ability. Sensory Processing Disorder Their unique brain structure and function enables high IQ individuals to receive and process greater amounts of sensory input at once. Gifted people can detect and respond to sensory stimuli more quickly. They can think more complex and abstract thoughts, scan visual images quicker, detect visual and cognitive patterns, and make connections between seemingly unrelated bits of information. They can read micro facial expressions and body language, perceive what others are thinking, and accurately predict their responses. These abilities make high IQ individuals good at researching, detecting, code breaking, and intelligence gathering. Their quick reflexes and superior hand-eye coordination allow them to control a speeding vehicle and reverse a trailer with high accuracy. Their superb memories and auditory processing capacity allow them to function as human tape-recorders and to rapidly acquire foreign languages. In a military setting, their high visual-spatial processing IQ scores flag them as potential elite sniper squad recruits. Combine superior reaction time, hand-eye coordination, physical strength, agility, sniper skills, physical fitness, and a whole lot of ability enhancement via brainwashing - and you have a potential super soldier. This might explain why the CIA targeted high IQ visual-spatial learners. R.E. Beaty et al. (2018). Robust prediction of individual creative ability from brain functional connectivity, PNAS, Jan 30, 115:5, 1087-92. Unfortunately, that which enables gifted individuals to perform impressive cognitive tasks is the same thing that makes them hypersensitive to sensory stimuli. The higher the IQ, the greater the sensitivity to light, noise, touch, smell, taste, and emotional stimuli. Such sensitivity has been labelled a developmental condition. Sensory Processing Disorder. SPD contributes to why gifted people often turn to drugs and alcohol, to subdue the constant overwhelming barrage of sensory input. Note that people on the autism spectrum are also prone to SPD. While they share hypersensitivity and certain cognitive abilities, autism must not be confused with giftedness. Remember McGilchrist's observation that these developmental disorders feature profound right hemispheric abnormality. In stark contrast, gifted individuals demonstrate exceptional right hemispheric functioning. Yet ignorant and jealous health professionals routinely misdiagnose intellectual giftedness as high-functioning autism. Extreme visual-spatial processing ability renders gifted individuals susceptible to PTSD, and this can confound diagnosis. The high IQ victim is so sensitive that merely hearing a traumatic story second-hand affects them as though they witnessed the event first-hand. They turn the verbal rendition of the event into an internal movie so that the traumatic scene is permanently stored in memory and may be replayed. Their right hemisphere repeatedly plays an internal movie of a trauma incident. This hypersensitivity makes the trauma-based nature of mind control programming especially painful for high IQ victims. Fundamental brainwashing techniques involve overwhelming the victim's nervous system with sensory stimuli. Sensory overload is achieved via the parallel infliction of loud screeching sounds, foul smells, electrocution, and forcing the eyelids open to view horrific images. Gifted individuals have a greater capacity for empathy, to picture themselves in others' shoes, and anticipate how others might feel, think, and respond in a situation. This tendency to over-empathise also contributes to the gifted individual's sensory overload. Their capacity for empathy makes the sight of tortured animals and children extra painful. Their empathic nature places victims at risk of revolting against their handlers, which is why CIA perpetrators focus on breaking the individual's innate concern for humanity and redirecting loyalty toward cult members and fellow soldiers within their Delta units. Evil Genius Some people get flowers and chocolates as tokens of their partner's affection. I received dusty old IQ tests. In 2009, my husband began purchasing redundant IQ assessments on eBay. I found Jon's latest spending spree mildly amusing, like the time someone broke my favourite tea pot, and Jon made five eBay purchases before he attained an exact replacement. The various first edition Stanford Binet tests meant nothing to me, and I didn't quite understand what Jon's intention was - until /f arrived. A mint condition SB L-M. I opened the box, took a brief look at its gleaming contents and sank into shock. I ran my fingers over the familiar pieces as my being was instantly transported back to 1974. 'I know this...' I whispered, overwhelmed by validation. 'You found it.' Tears welled in my eyes. 'You found my test...' I was assessed on the SB L-M combined with the Wechsler Block Design when I was five years old. The optimal time to test for high intelligence is when the child is old enough to concentrate and understand, but prior to entering school where the highly variable quality
of education acts as a confounding variable. Head CIA psychologist John Gittinger assessed me at Holsworthy Army Base. Gittinger was the greatest psychometric testing expert the world has never known. An expert in interrogation and brainwashing, Gittinger served as the CIA's first operational psychologist, travelling the globe, collecting and advising on MK-ULTRA mind control methods. That is why he travelled to Australia and supervised my brain washing and reprogramming. With CIA funding, Gittinger developed the PAS (Personality Assessment System), the most complex, versatile psychological test ever created. Mainstream psychologists are blind to the very existence of the PAS, never mind its staggering scope. The test was scarcely mentioned in my psychology textbooks which presented it as a mainstream tool for educational, vocational, and clinical work. The PAS was in fact the CIA's template for creating multiple personalities within child victims of mind control. The intelligence sector used the PAS to: Profile targets for recruitment as CIA agents; Profile politicians, entertainers and businessmen for blackmail and control by identifying their weaknesses (e.g., sexual proclivity and perversion); Profile whistle-blowers for tailored harassment methods; Tailor interrogation or torture methods to personality types; Profile international leaders and citizens in preparation for CIA infiltration and overthrow of their governments; Select candidates for psycho-energetic CIA programs including Remote Viewing, Project Stargate, and the Gateway Process; Profile international secret police; Identify suitable child prostitute and soldier candidates. Tailor the creation of multiple personalities to a victim's hemispheric processing style and brain wave patterning. Based solely on Wechsler subtest scores, Gittinger could determine an individual's personality type plus the environmental factors that shaped them, accurately predict their reactions to social situations and stressors, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and match them to job tasks or roles. He could also reverse this process and predict Wechsler test scores from observed behaviour - something previously unheard of. By all reports, no one could replicate Gittinger's understanding of the PAS. I surmise this is mainly due to the secretive nature of the PAS. Gittinger worked for the CIA during the entire time (1950s and 60s) he developed the PAS. Not surprisingly, most information about the PAS remains classified. Gittinger's original (1964) Atlas, essential for test interpretation, was never published, although a civilian version was published 30 years later. Most of the CIA-funded research conducted on the PAS at MK-ULTRA research epicentres was not published either, as this was fed directly into the CIA database. PAS research hubs included the University of Colorado, Columbia University, Ohio University, and Stanford University. PAS research was subsequently transferred to CIA cut-out organisations: SRI International, Psychological Assessments Associates Inc., and MARS Measurement Associates. Another reason the PAS is unknown is because influential psychologists including Eysenck rejected it as impossible. Most psychologists are too left-brain to comprehend and implement the PAS. They feel threatened by nobodies like Gittinger who create something as brilliant as the PAS without possessing the obligatory PhD. Eysenck felt particularly threatened since he fancied himself an expert on intelligence and personality. Tellingly, his personality test is not used by the CIA, nor anyone else. I resented rote learning Eysenck's left-brained crap for exams because it was incomprehensible and incorrect. The person who built the foundation of my knowledge base concerning intelligence theory and psychological testing was Gittinger himself. While studying psychology and gifted education, I was subconsciously guided by what Gittinger explained and demonstrated throughout my childhood. Each time he abused me, every time I was in his presence, he explained exactly what he was doing and why. This was his teaching approach, and it worked. I took to psychometric testing, interpretation, and report writing like I had been studying it for years - because I had. Gittinger stored knowledge of the PAS and other relevant test instruments in my implicit memory system. Indications of this leaked during my psychology studies, notably a 2009 lecture on the MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory). At the start of the class, students were provided preliminary information about an actual, deidentified female client, including her presenting symptomology plus a printout of the raw data from her MMPI test results. Our instructor asked us to examine the information and share our initial impressions with the class. I flicked over the pages, rapidly scanned the graphs, raised my hand, and asserted, 'This client should not work with a male therapist.' My classmates shot me a perplexed look, while our lecturer swallowed his surprise. Two hours later, our lecturer shared the conclusions that a psychiatric case management team came to after having worked with the client for six months. Their main finding was that the client should not work with a male therapist. When I told my therapist that I was trying to decipher the CIA's application of the PAS, he exclaimed, 'You could write an entire book just on the PAS. You ore the PAS!' Understanding the PAS requires knowledge of intelligence and brain laterality, which is why I provided a detailed introduction to both concepts. The fundamental premise of the PAS is that intelligence and personality elements are present at birth but can be modified by external factors during development. The PAS recognises the significance of brain laterality, that some people are left-brain dominant, some right brain dominant, some are bilateral processors (meaning both brain hemispheres are highly active during cognitive processing), and some show no particular bias. PAS interpretations were based on Wechsler subtest scaled scores, plus age and sex. Interpretations were derived from Gittinger's Atlas (1964) which contained a description of every possible personality type. These descriptions were derived from many thousands of Weschler profiles submitted by psychologists worldwide. I doubt the CIA publicly divulged the true size and source of the PAS normative sample. Gittinger identified three core personality dimensions (Cognitive, Procedural and Social). The resultant Primitive personality structure may change in the years preceding adolescence when it becomes fixed. Change stems from pressure during childhood from parents, siblings, teachers, or peers to acquire abilities absent from the original personality structure. This process is called Compensation, the most important dynamic in the PAS. Compensation results in a stable Basic personality level. Further change may occur after adolescence via Modification, which results in a third. Surface level of personality. Surface level personality changes are unstable and can break down under stress. Modification and the Surface personality are what we see when interacting with a person. Compensation and the Basic personality are what we learn about someone during closer association, and what they feel inside themselves. MK-ULTRA victim files contain pages of PAS notation. This coding system starts as a nine-symbol shorthand to denote the strength of the three original (Primitive) tendencies (Cognitive, Emotional and Social), and the degree and direction of the resultant two adjustment levels (Compensation and Modification). Capital letters indicate the initial letter in the name of the three core (Primitive) tendencies. Thus, the letter E stands for Externalizer, I for Internalizer. Compensation, or the lack of it, is shown by a lower-case letter placed after the Primitive tendency capital letter. For example, Ic stands for Compensated I. The code becomes far more complicated than what has been published, until a victim's records are full of PAS-based algebraic formula. Core Personality Dimensions The first core personality dimension (Cognitive) can be loosely compared to the idea of introvert versus extrovert. It can also be defined by what the child finds intellectually stimulating. The Primitive Cognitive dimension is determined by the Wechsler Digit Span, a genetically determined measure of auditory processing which is marginally influenced by learning. Arithmetic and Information indicate Basic and Surface levels. I vE Internalizers (I) are preoccupied with their own thoughts and ideas. They prefer to think than do. They are insulated and comfortable alone with their own company. They appear passive, aloof and emotionless. They can work efficiency in a distracting environment. They can easily store and retrieve information, which is why they score well on the Digit Span subtest. The I type is characteristically schizoid, and in the extreme autistic. I's are externally pressured to compensate by being more outgoing. Externalizers (E) score low on Digit Span. E types are focused and dependent on their environment. They respond spontaneously and directly to people, and mainly detect changes in the environment. E's rely on their senses, are easily distracted, and do not like being alone. In the extreme, E's are moody and dominated by events. E's are pressured to compensate by responding less, being more self-sufficient, and more ideationally aware. The second core dimension (Procedural) refers to a person's learning style, sensitivity to stimuli, and how they solve mechanical or procedural tasks. Block Design determines the Primitive Procedural level. Similarities and Comprehension indicate Basic and Surface personality levels. RvF Rigid (R) people are preoccupied with detail. R's are disposed toward order and organisation. They learn by rote, in a sequential manner, and don't need to understand the whole concept. They react to a limited number of specific, well-defined stimuli. Because they see one thing at a time, R types accept the external environment at face value. They can concentrate and are not easily distracted or confused. R's do not cope with multiple stimuli simultaneously. They are insensitive, logic-tight, and self-centred. In the extreme, R's are rigid and can't see the forest for the trees. R's are pressured to be more sensitive and flexible. Flexible (F) people need to understand something to learn it. They must understand the reason behind a task before they will even attempt it. The F sees the whole picture and perceives connections between people and the environment. F's are overly aware of their environment and respond simultaneously to various stimuli. Consequently, they are easily distracted and confused, and find concentration more difficult. They are intuitive, imaginative and sensitive. They tolerate ambiguity, and notice subtleties and nuances. Their confusion and ability to perceive all aspects of a situation makes them unsure of the world. In the extreme, the F is chaotic. Ps are pressured to concentrate, be less sensitive, and restrict their awareness. AvU The third dimension (Social) is a measure of social intelligence, or a person's ability to adapt to new social and cultural settings. The Primitive level is determined by the Wechsler Picture Arrangement subtest. Compensation and Modification are determined by Picture Completion and Object Assembly. High Picture Arrangement scores indicate socio¬ cultural adaptability. Role Adaptive (A) types score highly on the Picture Arrangement subtest. A's are charismatic, charming, captivating, and attractive. They are socially versatile and confident. They can appear conforming and conventional, even if they are not. Their developmental environment determines whether they use their appeal to enhance, exploit, or avoid relationships. In the extreme, A's are social chameleons who lack integrity. Conversely, Role Uniform (U) types present as socially awkward, aloof and inept. They tend to be socially ignored, anxious and avoidant. In the extreme, U's present the same in every social situation, even if this is inappropriate. U's are pressured or seduced into trying to be more sociable and charming. Primitive Temperaments have eight possible combinations, as this table shows: Primitive Traits Style IRA Self-motivated, organized, procedural, socially effective. Political IRU Self-motivated, self-concerned, organized, socially aloof. Scientific IFA Self-centred, sensitive, socially active. Artistic IFU Self-centred, sensitive, aloof. Contemplative ERA Outgoing, organized, socially skilled. Entrepreneurial ERU Environmentally attuned, organised, procedural, but socially restrained. Technocratic EFA Outgoing, relating, sensitive, and socially involving. Theatrical EFU Outgoing, sensitive, relating, dependent but socially awkward. Defensive https://www.pasf.org/pasfj/bintro.pdf The Relevance of Introversion Gittinger targeted gifted female introverts. High IQ individuals tend to be introverts, hence the PAS Internalizer dimension is determined by high scores on Wechsler subtest items. A clue to the relevance of introversion is found in an excerpt from The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism: In some research, women were easier to hypnotize than men, but only by a small percentage. In both sexes, the higher the IQ, the greater the hypnotic susceptibility. In one study, bright female introverts were most susceptible. Extroverts forget more over time than introverts, but they ore better at retrieving information from deeply buried memory, especially if it's relatively inaccessible. Introverts are more affected by punishment, extroverts by reward. That data could be interpreted to make introverts preferred candidates for hypno-progromming. They have better memory for unconscious instructions, less ability to recover repressed memory, and are more controllable by suggested suffering. More formal evaluations of hypnotizability ore derived from Rorschach or TAT tests and from brainwave patterns (more alpha indicates more susceptibility). If the subject had an imaginary playmate in childhood, that also indicates susceptibility.'^^° From I to E Knowing my performance on the WAIS 10 years ago, I can see I was born an IFA. My mother clearly recalls my being an Internalizer until Nanna Holowczak took me to Canberra for a week when I was 3 years old. I left home an introvert and returned to my mother as an extrovert. Mengele split my core personality during that Canberra trip. I vaguely recall a discussion I had with Gittinger at age 14, in which he said being born an introvert did not mattered because he could easily change an introvert into an extrovert. I surmise my programmers forced a permanent change to my core personality in Canberra when I was aged 3.1 wondered why I was changed from an [to an E. Perhaps it had something to do with the CIA's research findings that 100 percent of schizophrenics are Internalisers (with 80 percent being R's, and 75 percent U's) and they wanted to eliminate any predisposition to my breaking in that direction? Or perhaps they wanted to turn me from a secret-keeper into a talker? Or maybe they wanted me dependent on others instead of being so independent? Or else they wanted to distract me from reflecting inwards and discovering and fixing my dissociation? Then I read an article by one of Gittinger's CIA assistants which addressed the issue: Compensation not only results in a conditioned change in the individual's behaviour; it builds in emotional gualities that shape the individual's motives, motivations, anxieties, loyalties, goals and guilt... If he is allowed to mature without the pressures and stresses of compensation, he acguires a basic personality that is psychologically very comfortable for him, and very consistent with his primitive style; but he will also be very blond, under motivated, and a sociologically immature person. His temperament and his sensitivities will be self-centred, and he will show little evidence Carla Emery (1998). Secret Don't Tell: The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism. of ambition or responsibility. In those areas where compensation takes place, the individual will show considerable drive, motivation and energy. Thus, the compensated I (or Ic) becomes a basic E (or e*, in PAS notation), and outperforms the primitive E's in being outgoing and environmentally active. From this I deduce, compensated people make more passionate, motivated, loyal, and responsible DELTA soldiers and cult leaders Reference Group Model Psychologist David Saunders joined Gittinger in 1957 and helped turn his intuitive use of the PAS into a standardised method which other CIA programmers could replicate. A talented statistician, Saunders created a mathematical Reference Group Model to supplement the PAS. He also helped develop PAS code into algebraic formula to make programming predictions and decisions. David Saunders' Reference Group Model stemmed from a systematic examination of Wechsler data from many thousands of individuals. His model classified and categorised people into three dimensions (Primitive, Affiliations, and Stress) based on shared psychometric and behavioural characteristics. Gittinger's PAS combined with Saunders' Reference Group Model resulted in a tool that profiled every possible personality type, addressed every conceivable human behaviour, and accurately predicted reactions to any given situation. The CIA used the PAS to profile mind control victims, identify weak points, and predict responses to the stress of the MK-ULTRA process. Perpetrators used PAS results to tailor CIA torture methods to the victim's personality type and psychological capacity. They used the Reference Groups to select an Alter's brain location, neural circuitry, personality, abilities, and role. This entire process was done in conjunction with EEG readings of the victim's brain, based on early PAS research on the relationship between PAS results and brainwave activity, particularly alpha activity (which also indicates IQ level). The Reference Model's Information Processing Style dimension includes four types of brain-hemispheric development: Left-Brained, Right-Brained, Bilateral, or Externally Controlled. Left and Bilateral processors are skilled at logical reasoning. Right-Brain and Bilateral processors are skilled at pattern recognition. Externally controlled types are not particularly skilled at either. Right-brained groups are predominantly female, while Left- brained are mainly male. The reference Model's Stress Response Style encompasses three approaches to coping with multiple stimuli: Poly-Actives thrive on simultaneously accomplishing multiple tasks; Pro-Actives can only cope with finishing one task at a time; while Re-Actives must be instructed and guided to cope with any task. Although there have been revisions, I include the 1984 version of the PAS Reference Groups below because this is the closest to my age as a victim. The 96 groups are arranged in the following table which highlights the most important relationships among the groups. Marshall N. Heyman (1982). A Brief Explanation of the Personality Assessment System. Personality Assessment System J, 1:1 Spring, 7-10. Processing Style Right-Brain Dominant Bilateral Processor Left-Brain Dominant Externally Controlled Stress Response Style 4 5 6 a Pro-Active Coach Teacher Manager Disciple Specialist Programmer Exemplar Mystic Individualist Acolyte Professional Dedicated Pastor Philosopher Auditor Puritan Nurturant Conservator Pragmatist Dogmatist Consultant Iconoclast Technician Sophist Counsellor Physician Tactician Aristocrat Catalyst Mediator Analyst Spartan 3 8 7 b Poly-Active Showman Seeker Implementer Exhibitionist Performer Dilettante Organiser Enthusiast Devotee Voyeur Advocate Perverse Director Naturalist Politician Chauvinist Booster Theorist Aide Empiricist Volunteer Activist Leader Chameleon Entertainer Perceiver Entrepreneur Polymorph Player Spectator Salesman Speculum # *1999 Additions (Priest) 2 9 1 c Re-Active Artisan Authoritarian Rule-keeping Yeoman Operator Obsessive Team- Membership Automaton Galatean Detached Opportunist Possessed Interdependent Counter¬ dependent Competitor Gladiator Adherent Achiever Participant Reactor Compliant Controlled Game-Player Actor Narcissist Autocrat Scorekeeper Actress Hedonist Counteractive Prima Donna Contrarian *1999 Additions (Warrior) (Soldier) PAS Primitives ERU ERA IRU IRA IFU IFA EFU EFA *1999 revised role additions that impress me as pertinent to MK-ULTRA programming. The Reference Group table matches the complex Alter systems found in MK-ULTRA mind control victims. The model identifies the correct hemispheric location of each artificially created Alter's independent neural circuitry. It also clusters multiple roles relevant to one position within the cult hierarchy; for example, during her position as Grande Dame, Patricia Ann Conlon performed every role listed in Group 5 below: Role Application Teacher Instructed children in all aspects of cult life Programmer Principal MK-ULTRA handler and programmer Acolyte Assisted in Luciferian ritual ceremonial duties Philosopher Highly academic and intellectual Conservator Oversaw and protected cult trainees from injury
Iconoclast Attacked established beliefs and institutions as a Marxist Communist ALP pioneer feminist Physician Cult herbalist, ritual surgeon, and counsellor Mediator Liaised between members of the cult hierarchy, CIA staff, and victims The eight possible Primitive temperament combinations, and 12 ways for each combination to develop, results in 96 Reference Groups. Each Reference Group represents a combination of one of three Stress Response styles, with one of four patterns of Information Processing. This 3x4x8 factor arrangement allows for 4,096 personality combinations. Add to this the effect of the other PAS factors I have not mentioned here, and we can begin to fathom how the PAS comprehensively accounts for individual personality differences. Over 1.7 million different personality combinations may be calculated using the PAS. This figure supports my hypothesis that (a) the PAS is a prescription for multiple personality programming, and (b) the PAS accounts for the massive split-personality systems that 'poly- fragmented' victims and therapists have reported for decades. CIA Case Officer Profile MK-ULTRA psychologist Henry Murray said: 'Spying is attractive to loonies. Psychopaths, who are people who spend their lives making up stories, revel in the field.' Several retired CIA employees wrote their memoires. Some detailed the psychometric testing they underwent during the recruitment process. Their testimonies reveal much about the application of the PAS, and the truth of CIA black operations. Former CIA case officer Ralph McGehee'^^^ describes Gittinger's PAS as the 'most revealing test' he undertook. He described the ideal CIA case officer as the Externalized- Rigid-Adaptive (ERA) personality. ERA types possess the following characteristics: Magnetic, charming and captivating Make good first impressions Move easily in a variety of situations Appropriately express genuine or fake feelings Ralph W. McGehee (1983). Deadly Deceits: My 25 Years in the CIA. Ocean Press. Chameleon like (All things to all people) Can spot weaknesses in others and use these to their advantage React to a limited number of specific, well-defined stimuli Learn by rote Don't insist on perspective Psychologically insulated Have restricted awareness Self-centred and insensitive to others. McGehee said the CIA rejected Case Officer candidates who have perspective, see subtleties, think before they act, and remain true to themselves despite outside social pressures. McGehee himself scored highly (143) on the IQ testing component but noted this did not pose a problem. He said his application for the role of CIA case officer was almost rejected because the PAS identified him as Flexible. McGehee said his saving grace was his college football experience. The CIA recruited football players for paramilitary operations because they were 'not overly intellectual' They also recruited men with military backgrounds, or those who possessed some special talent. In summary, the CIA prefer case officers to be externally controlled, left-brain sequential thinkers who: subvert their individuality for the team's benefit, blindly follow orders, can't join the dots to see the CIA's criminal objectives, won't question the CIA's motives, and don't care anyhow about the people the CIA use and abuse during their covert operations. The CIA exclude bright, lateral thinking, bilateral processors who might perceive the CIA are committing heinous crimes, and who possess the empathy and moral fortitude to object. Former CIA operations officer RueuI Gerecht described case officers as 'bottom- feeders' who handle intelligence-collection and covert-action operations. Such operations include the trafficking of drugs, arms and children, money laundering, and the financing of terrorist activities. Case officers recruit and handle CIA agents using dirty methods like sexual blackmail, honey traps, and threats. Picture the CIA case officer as the pimp, and the agent as the reluctant prostitute. According to Gerecht, case officers 'search the strengths and weaknesses of character in the foreigners they want to recruit and run as agents; few things are off limits.' The PAS is used to profile potential agents and to identify their key strengths and weaknesses for the CIA case officers to exploit. Thanks to Gittinger's training, CIA scouts determine a target's basic personality type just from observing whether they become withdrawn or garrulous when intoxicated with drugs or alcohol. This is precisely the type of behaviour case officers would observe in targets at recruitment parties such as occurred at pedophile Hugh Heffner's Playboy mansion. Hugh Heffner, Jeffery Epstein, Jordan Belfort ('Wolf of Wall Street') are prime examples of CIA agents. Jimmy Savile was their UK equivalent. These men were ideally Reuel Marc Gerecht (2013). Spooky Sex: Inside the randy culture of the CIA, Feb 21. [newrepublic.com] Ibid. positioned to compromise politicians, Hollywood elite, royalty, and successful businessmen. Most people of influence are controlled with money, drugs, sex scandals, and pedophilia. The CIA also used prostitution and homosexuality as blackmail and honeypot tools back when they constituted criminal offences and were considered socially scandalous. At Heffner's Playboy Mansion, straight blackmail targets were lured with a promise of associating with scantily clad beautiful women and celebrities. Innocent targets were drugged and photographed with clearly underaged and / or male sex partners, and the staged photos were enough to create the leverage of control the CIA sought over the now- compromised targets. Former CIA officer John Kiriakou spoke at the No War 2017: War and the Environment conference held in Washington, DC on 22 September 2017. During this, Kiriakou confirmed the type of case officer the CIA recruits, and why: There is no ethics training at the CIA. Nothing. The problem with that (besides the obvious) is what a CIA psychiatrist once told me; he said the CIA actively seeks to hire people who have sociopathic tendencies . Not sociopaths, but people with sociopathic tendencies. Sociopaths have no conscience; and with no conscience you can easily pass a polygraph exam because you don't react to anything. But sociopaths are impossible to control. People who have sociopathic tendencies do hove a conscience, but they're willing to operate in moral, legal, and ethical grey areas. The problem is, there's no real way to weed out the sociopaths. And if you can't weed out the sociopaths, you can't weed out the psychopaths. And the psychopaths, because they're psychopaths, rise to the leadership positions. So, let's say that you are a CIA case officer and you're working overseas. And it can be anywhere. Let's say the Middle East. You're in Egypt. You're in a hotel room and you hove recruited a member of a bonafide terrorist group, Al-Quaeda, Hezbollah, ISIS, whatever it is. And this guy has been fantastic. Everything that he's told you has been true. And you've used his information to actually disrupt future terrorist attacks. So, he's been vetted and he's really great. So, you're in this hotel room and you're meeting with him. And at the start of the meeting he says, 'Listen, before we meet, I wanna tell you. I've given you everything. I've told you everything that's been true, you've saved American lives, now you're gonna do something for me. You're gonna go out and you're gonna get me a prostitute right now or Tm never cooperating with you again...' The answer is, 'Sure.' I mean, you know, he's a scumbag of course, but your job is to deal with scumbags, and you would be expected to go out and get him the prostitute. What if he asks for a child prostitute? Absolutely not, under any circumstances. But that's not the CIA talking. That's John Kiriakou talking. Because there's no rule. Your job os a CIA case officer is to break the laws of the country you're serving; that's your job. Your job is to commit espionage, which in most countries is a death penalty crime. Your job is to convince people to commit treason for you, because they like you so much, or they like the money that you're giving them so much. So, because it's the nature of your job to break the law, there are no rules that ore written for you to carry out that job. Now the problem there is that most CIA case officers would procure the child prostitute. And even if they felt funny about it, they would be told by headquarters, 'You have a job to do. This is a bonafide source here. Go do your job.' That's the problem, or the nature of the problem, of ethics in intelligence operations: there are no ethics in intelligence operations... You either enter the CIA with your own set of moral values, or you don't. And if you don't, you're probably going to do very well there.' The IQ End Game I no longer feel guilty confessing my IQ score, especially since subsequent events have validated this memory to my satisfaction. As part of my six years of psychology training, I was required to practise IQ assessment with colleagues. I played guinea pig for a student peer in 2007, prior to my vestibular stroke. I blitzed the entire Wechsler test battery, especially Block Design which I threw down as quick as humanly possible. I even blitzed the math problems when I suffer math phobia (yep, it's a real thing). I remember feeling so relaxed and unthreatened during testing, I calculated the math and blurted out the answers the moment my friend finished asking the questions. My therapist assessed me in early 2014.1 underwent a battery of tests, the results of which indicated high IQ (despite my stroke damage). I also completed working memory training and my final learning index for this was more than double the average. My therapist provided an interviewer the following answers to questions regarding my intelligence level: Q. In addition to her cognitive assessment presented via the QEEG tests, what is your opinion as to Fiona's level of intelligence? A. Fiona possesses a robust cognitive profile that is highly adaptive. Her cognition was assessed utilising the IntegNeuro and elevated scores were seen across the spectrum. To further support this she has a fast Alpha peak of llhz as noted in her QEEG indicating high intelligence. Q. Would you describe Fiona Barnett as being gifted in any way? A. Fiona is certainly gifted in many ways. She is a brilliant writer, researcher and thinker. He memory recall is astounding and her ability to put facts and incidents together to solve or resolve is phenomenal. She is artistic and apparently musical. She could be a brilliant teacher and a brilliant lawyer. I just hope she is arguing my case if that is ever necessary. Q. What do you understand about people who are gifted in some way? A. Gifted people can present in many different ways. They are often highly sensitive, easily bored by the mundane aspects of life, and often brutally honest to the point of being socially questionable. They have an intensity in energy, imagination, intellect, sensitivity and emotion. They are a particularly vulnerable group, often rejected by peers due to their different tastes in life, interests etc. Different IQ levels also present with different needs, interests and sensitivities. The greatest dose of IQ validation was injected when I had my own two children assessed for giftedness on the Stanford Binet 5. My kids were tested at age 8 years following problems with boredom and underachievement at school. My eldest scored in the >99.99**^ percentile, reaching the ceiling on certain subtests including visual-spatial processing. My youngest child scored one IQ point higher than her sister. Sydney's giftedness guru explained to me that my eldest daughter had the intellectual capacity of a 35-year-old. 'She could be one in a million... but I'd need to assess her on the LM to know.' The educational psychologist then advised me to pull my child out of her so-called giftedness program, concluding, 'No school in the country can cater for this.' Upon received my eldest child's comprehensive psychological report, I exclaimed to the assessor, 'Did you assess my child - or me?! What you wrote perfectly describes me.' Then, after receiving the youngest's report, I felt compelled to ask, 'I don't understand these newer tests and what their scores mean. I relate better to the old tests. How does the SB5 compare to the L-M?' 'You can't really compare them. It's harder to achieve a high score on the new test. You only had to score highly in one area on the old test to boost your IQ score. You have to do well on every subtest to score highly now.' 'So, can you give me a rough idea. Based on their SB5 scores and your experience at having tested kids on both tests, what do you expect my kids to score on the old L-M?' 'In the one-seventies to one-eighties.' 'I recall being tested on the SB L-M at age five. Qbviously, I can't access my original report, but I recall scoring one eighty overall, two hundred on visual-spatial processing. Is that score feasible?' 'Absolutely! There's three of you, all the same.' The psychologist who tested my kids is the only Australian I trust to obtain an accurate assessment of a gifted child; the only professional I found who demonstrated an appreciation of the implications of being bright. Most mental health professionals and educators, including those who claim expertise in giftedness, are in fact useless. They are clueless to the basics of giftedness and visual-spatial processing, never mind nuances like Linda Silverman's discovery of an obscure spike on the bell curve at the IQ 160 mark, or that IQ 160+ kids are susceptible to a unique type of reactive hypoglycaemia, or that such kids are prone to a type of existentialist depression. Consequently, giftedness characteristics are commonly misdiagnosed as indicators of autism, Aspergers, mania, depression, QCD, ADHD and BPD. Abnormality in the form of genius is routinely overlooked and mislabelled insanity. If mental health professionals do not understand the basics of giftedness and visual- spatial learning, and if they label gifted people nuts just for being gifted, how can they begin to provide adequate services to high IQ victims of MK-ULTRA mind control? While Australian educators ignore the intellectually gifted student - others are watching. School children are quietly tracked via performance on national competitions, online math and science programs, and participation in gifted education holiday camps. Australian Junior high school students identified as intellectually gifted are encouraged to participate in The JASON Project, an online science curriculum program purportedly designed to motivate and inspire students to pursue a science career. It was developed by NASA, NQAA, and the National Geographic Society, among others. Universities are hunting grounds for recruitment into Australia's secret services. Students who perform outstandingly at public universities are nominated by lecturers for life membership in an international academic society called Golden Key. At the end of their university degree. Golden Key graduates with an unblemished background and who participated in Golden Key training sessions hosted at Sydney's head Freemason Lodge receive email invitations from ASIO, Australian Federal Police, and ASIS to jump the rigorous application process to the interview stage for potential employment. And when the gifted science students graduate, they can join the real JASON Group of elite scientists who continue the Nazi legacy in deep underground military facilities, working on top secret projects that I discuss in the following chapter. Projects involving anti¬ gravity, stargates, plasma weapons, hadron colliders, and transhumanism - the forbidden mixing of human, animal and alien materials to develop the ultimate vaccination, with the goal of genetically altering human DNA. The resultant vaccine promises to make soldiers immune to sleep, hunger and injury, to enhance our physical, intellectual and spiritual capacities, and disengage the death gene. The recipients will then become all that Hollywood has been promising its viewers - immortal, superior men... supermen. Perhaps then, the communist egalitarianism that the Luciferian system has been pushing for will finally be achieved. This may be the fundamental reason why naturally gifted, bilateral processors are quashed like second class citizens, and why our situation will not improve. If the Bible is to be taken seriously, God built into mankind a group of natural born leaders. The Biblical description of King David is a fine example of this select-group. David demonstrated classic giftedness characteristics including intensity, spiritual awareness, extreme social justice, loyalty, empathy, passion, moral reasoning, higher-order thinking, musical brilliance, and a talent for architecture and engineering. He passed his physical and psychological characteristics to his son Solomon, the most intelligent human who will ever be. If today's gifted individuals were acknowledged, accommodated, and permitted to assume their natural leadership roles, instead of the left-brained psychopaths who educate and govern us, our society might better reflect the prosperity of Solomon's age instead of the evil, crime-ridden, decaying cesspit that it is. Out of jealousy and a desire to be just like God, the enemy sought to destroy God's creation and replace it with an imitation. In this process, God's tall poppies were cut down - and idiocy took the throne. Failing to find his own dirt, the enemy manipulated, threatened, and deceived our bright minds into rearranging God's creation, his ultimate goal being the production of an imitation of God's elite which the devil calls his own. The Programming Matrix MK was a CIA gig, not DoD. - Lt. Col. Michael Aquino 'I need you to hold my hand lightly. Don't pull on it. You need to leave me under longer, so I have time to explore and see what I need to see. You need to ask me specific questions like what people are wearing, so I notice the detail. You can do this. You have good skills.' 'I know,' my therapist nodded, as if to convince herself. 'I do have good skills.' 'Why are you so hesitant?' I asked. 'I don't know.' 'It's just fear.. .fear of the unknown. Trust me. I know what I'm doing. Once I'm down there. I'll be able to guide myself to where I need to go.' She waved her fingers back and forth across my face. 'Do it lots,' I urged, as I felt my dissociated form sink into the chair. 'I need to go very deep.' I closed my eyes and waited for the inevitable to appear. .. 'It's dark,' I note. 'I'm in a corridor. I'm the Gatekeeper. I'm walking towards a door. It's locked. Tell me to unlock the door.' 'Unlock the door.' 'I open the door. It's an office. The walls are lined with brown, wooden panels. There's filing cabinets and furniture. On my left is a chair, like a dentist chair. There's a little blonde girl in the chair. She's three. Kidman is leaning over her. He's sticking sharp things up her nails. He's putting a tube down her nose and pouring white liquid down it...' I clasped my therapist's hand as she waved her fingers across my face. I ignored her growing ambivalence, closed my eyes, and relaxed into the leather couch. Inside my mind, my consciousness had boarded an invisible Tardis and was travelling to the targeted location. Then - darkness. I was the Gatekeeper again. I was living the scene from the Matrix movie where Neo stood in a white corridor in front of a row of doors, each door leading to a different scene of the matrix virtual reality program. Except, this room was black and confined. It was shaped like a pentagon. I was surrounded by five locked doors. I opened each door, stood back, and spoke: 'It's safe to come out now.' A sea of blue-eyed blonde faces slowly emerged from the doorways, ranging in age from three to sixteen years. Some were clothed in frilled baby-doll dresses, ritual robes, martial arts gi, jodhpurs, or painting smocks. Some were naked, bloody, bleeding and bruised. They all appeared bewildered and frightened. Light emanating from the five doorways flooded the room which was now packed with a crowd. Suddenly every single person in that room realised what had happened, looked up at Heaven - and screamed in unity: 'GIVE ME JUSTICES I buried my head into the back of the couch, raised my hand to heaven - and screamed from some unfathomable place. I screamed until my consciousness left my body and I was oscillating between two dimensions. In the other dimension, I stood in the middle of a long, rectangular-shaped room that resembled an ornate palace ballroom. Tall elders dressed in stately robes and gold crowns were seated along the two lengths of the celestial hall. The elders stared at the floor in solemn, reverent, pensive silence as I pleaded my case against Antony Kidman. My cries in this world translated into language in that place which the elders understood. I saw the elders deliberate over Antony Kidman's judgement. I marvelled at the reverence they had for a single human life, even that of a most vile evil human being. I saw them reluctantly pass judgement over Kidman and condemn him to Death and Hell. I lay on a couch throughout this integration process, with my husband seated next to me. My husband thought he should support me by holding my outstretched hand - something I resented because every time he touched me, I was sucked back into this world. Each time Jon released my hand I could see the celestial hall. Afterwards, I explained everything I saw. Both my therapist and husband thought I was simply emotional and imagining things. I further detailed the experience to my therapist in an email that night. To everyone's astonishment, the following day the Australian media reported that Antony Kidman was dead. He had died under questionable circumstances in Singapore immediately after I witnessed his celestial judgement. * * * DID Defined What is commonly called a 'multiple personality' or an 'alter' is no more than a brain area sectioned off by trauma-induced amnesia walls. A group of behaviours and memories are separated from the victim's general brain functioning, so that different 'personalities' within an individual possess independent neural circuitry. All mind control programming is a variation on a theme, determined in part by the victim's own imagination and their predicted roles within both the CIA and the Luciferian Cult. Hence, while Alice and Oz are universally employed programming scripts, their application differs for each child victim. Think of this process as a computer game in which the player can partly determine its design. For this reason, the recovering victim can subvert the program, just like Neo did in The Matrix, since everything is occurring within the recovering victim's mind in the absence of the original programmer. This recovery process is easier when the original programmers are dead, and the bond with them severed. The more creative and visual the child victim, the more highly skilled the programmer, the more sophisticated the technology used - the more seamless the result. Since my programming was perpetrated by the fathers of modern mind control at prime CIA and military intelligence facilities, and because I possessed maximum creative and visual- spatial capacity, my shifting between alters was relatively undetectable. These factors may also account for why I have always been co-conscious during memory retrieval. Most victims of mind control are seriously dissociative during therapy work, or even daily existence, they have little to no recall for what just occurred during a therapy session. Not only have I always been completely aware of what is occurring during therapy -1 have consistently planned and directed my own recovery process. I also believe my programmers intentionally designed me to be co-conscious for recall, since dissociative recall by individual alters would have facilitated instant download of information - and my brain stored too many military secrets for that. Co-conscious recall is difficult because the victim battles her own will to remember. Memories for trauma are clearer than memories for everyday events. Flashback memories of trauma are extremely lucid and detailed, like a movie. Further, high IQ young children develop asynchronously compared to normal kids, and have superior, often photographic memories. My earliest memory is of being a toddler and waking up crying. To distract me, my father took me onto the balcony, pointed up at the dark sky and said, 'Look! Look at the stars!' That is a clear memory. So, yes, it is highly plausible for me to recall memories of being tortured and abused at age three years. My programming was laid at multiple Australian and US facilities during the early 1970s to mid-1980s, including the following: University of Sydney Chelmsford Hospital, Sydney US Embassy, Canberra Fairbain Airforce base, Canberra Holsworthy Army Base ANSTO Nuclear Reactor, Lucas Heights Milson Island, Hawkesbury River Disneyland, California Dulce, New Mexico A team of USA and Australian programmers, handlers, and military trainers were employed, with large teams of assistants at their disposal who worked around the clock during intense programming times: Joseph Mengele Louis Jolyon West Michael Aquino John Gittinger Antony Kidman Leonas Petrauskas Patricia Ann Conlon Victor Chang Programming Scripts These people used ancient programming scripts passed down through Luciferian dynasties. Scripts employed traditional nursery rhymes and fairy tales, modern cartoons based on ancient mythologies, and children's books series specifically written for programming purposes. Programming scripts included: The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe, Peter Pan, Lord of the Rings, Alice in Wonder land, and The Wonderf ul Wizard ofOz. Note the word 'wonder' in the last two titles. Oz is Osiris, and mind control was developed in Ancient Egypt. The authors of children's classics were linked to pedophilia scandals and/or occultic societies that practise pedophilia as a religious rite. Reformed Luciferian John Todd Collins outed close friends J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis as HOGD members. J.R.R Tolkien's son 'Father John Tolkien' was outed in the UK press as a pedophile Catholic priest with a penchant for altar boys. C.S. Lewis' Narnia series features a character named Tumnus who is based on the pedophile god Pan. James M. Barrie's Peter Pan similarly paid homage to Pan. Barrie's concept of Lost Boys refers to boys' whose emotional development was stunted at the age at which they were first child raped and inherited the pedophile spirit of Pan. Alice in Wonderland series author Lewis Carroll was a pedophile who took naked photos of his obsession, a young child named Alice. Peter Pan author J.M. Barrie groomed the parents of three Davies boys and forged their will to gain custody of the kids after they were orphaned. Michael Davies suicided with his male lover at 21. Barrie had written him at age eight years, 'Dear Michael, I am very fond of you, but don't tell anyone.' Peter Davies burnt all of Barrie's letter and said, 'It was all too much' before he also suicided. C.S. Lewis similarly took custody of young orphaned boys after marrying their dying mother. Underground pedophile networks were named Peter Pan Club and Lewis Carroll Collectors Guild because their founders recognised James M. Barrie (Peter Pan) and Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland) as pedophiles. The Narnia series charmed the Protestant churches during the 1980s. My protests of 'It's Satanic' were met with 'Aslan represented Christ and the characters and story reflected the Bible.' The Holy Ghost does not inspire Christians to glorify Baphomet in fairy tales aimed at kids. My youth group leader (our pastor's daughter) justified screening occult- themed movies by arguing 'It's okay so long as good triumphed over evil at the end of the tale.' Dumb sheep similarly justify the Harry Potter books because 'at least it encourages kids to read.' The Harry Potter series contain the same Witchcraft 101 content taught to coven children. These books and films are programming and witchcraft teaching tools. Ancient Egyptian and Babylonian programming scripts starring pagan gods were represented within Western culture as popular cartoon characters, for the expressed purpose of programming a new generation of child victims. Pagan gods Dagon and Diana were rebranded Aqua Man and Wonder Woman. These comic characters originally engaged in Luciferian themes of torture, kidnapping, sexual violence and sadism. The people who developed these characters were connected to MK-ULTRA. For instance, the Isis- worshipping character Wonder Woman was created by William Marston, MK-ULTRA psychologist and lie detector inventor. Marston hired Lauretta Bender as a consultant to develop the Wonder Woman comic. Lauretta Bender was a MK-ULTRA paediatric neuropsychiatrist who routinely electrocuted children, including toddlers, at Bellevue Hospital in New York. Marston described Wonder Woman as '...psychological propaganda for the new type of woman who, I believe, should rule the world.' Thus, Wonder Woman captures the Jezebel spirit of de-masculinisation of society, as promoted by the Luciferian Order. Other cartoon characters incorporated in my programming were: Casper, Batman, Cat Woman, Top Cat, and Felix The Cat. I recall a Cat Woman programming sequence that was chanted at me in the Holsworthy lab. The program had nine levels based on a cat's nine lives. When Kidman reached level six, he shoved his face in mine, and stared into my left eye (which directly accessed my right brain hemisphere) and chanted: 'Number six! Number six! What do we find at number six? Number six has lots of fr/c/cs! There are six spirits at number six.' Disneyland, Disneyworld and Walt Disney films were specifically developed for programming MK-ULTRA child victims like me. Famous pioneer psychologists and psychiatrists hired out Disneyland of a night to practice programming children. I was subjected to Candy Land and Disney Princess programming that focussed on the Evil Queen and Wicked stepmother characters. Disney movies used to create and reinforce my programming included: Fantasia, Peter Pan (with a focus on Tinkerbell), Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White and Bambi. Popular TV shows were also used, especially Bewitched and / Dream of Jeanie. Certain songs were used to reinforce or trigger my MK-ULTRA programming. I would often find myself stuck in a thought loop with one of these, to stop me recalling my abuse. The most memorable songs used on me were: Queen of Hearts, The Candy Man, Wild Thing, Candy Girl, and Funky Town. The MK-ULTRA scientists abused me within a Luciferian ritual context. Scientists in white lab coats played a synthesiser chanting the names of these interdimensional entities, to insert them into and cement my programming. In a research lab beneath Holsworthy Army Base, technicians programmed the words, 'Know this spirit, know this spirit, know this spirit...' into a synthesiser and repeatedly played this up and down the keyboard at various speeds, while Kidman and others breathed 'spirits' into my mouth. Programming Structure The Induction The hypnosis induction script that accessed my programming began with me diving into the sea and swimming like Agua Man to an underwater structure with a glass dome on top. I entered the glass dome which closed after me; the water drained. I passed through a set of sealed doors and reached the top of a metal spiral staircase. While descending the clockwise staircase, I spun in an anti-clockwise direction. Then I passed through another sealed door, descended a straight staircase, and entered a final sealed door. Behind the final door lay a 1960s doctor surgery waiting room. The long thin room featured brown panel walls and doors. As I entered the room, an elevator stood to my left. To the right of that a secretary sat typing at a desk which featured an old dial phone. To the right of the desk was a surgery door labelled Dr Kidman. Continuing right, the next door had a White Rabbit image instead of a name; it represented Joseph Mengele whose name was forbidden. The third door, at the opposite far end of the hall, was labelled Dr West. Two doors on the right wall were labelled Dr Gittinger and DrAguino. Joseph Mengele in Australia In 1991,1 drew a close-up of Kim Beazley Snr accurate enough for my mother to instantly recognise him. My art therapy was drawn directly from implicit memory. When I drew a scene or person, sometimes it was like the individual was posing for a portrait. Sometimes I knew what I was drawing, other times the image unfolded before my eyes as if were observing someone else moving the pencil. Mengele was about 61 years old and fat like a toad when I met him at the US Embassy in Canberra. During therapy I had a flashback to his face which I drew. His serpent eyes were framed by full brows and dark circles beneath. His dark hair was slicked back. I found a photo of an obese man seated at a table in Florida, said to be Mengele. This better resembles my memory of Mengele than the person the CIA confirmed lived and died in South America. I believe that lookalike was promoted to distract the public from the international role Mengele played in Project MK-ULTRA program, and to discredit witness testimony. Helen Holowczak took me to Canberra for a week when I was three years old. A week provides ample time to lay base MK-ULTRA programming. During this trip, Helen took photos of me dressed like Alice In Wonderland in a pale blue frock, red shoes and white cardigan, indicating mild weather. My mother said I returned home from that Canberra excursion with a completely different core personality. I uncharacteristically ordered my mother out of my bedroom and told her I could clean it up myself. I further shocked her by dressing up and performing a promiscuous dance. Young Joseph Mengele. Mengele in Florida? My memory of 61-year-old Joseph Mengele. Lt. Col. Michael Aguino - Mengele's secret son ? Joseph Mengele laying my Core programming during that Canberra trip, in a lab beneath the US Embassy. The embassy was staffed with CIA pedophiles and hosted VIP pedophile orgies, like nearby Parliament House. A tunnel system existed beneath the US Embassy in which some of my abuse occurred. I was left naked and alone in cage built into the side of a dark underground cave. I lost track of time but might have been left there for three days. During that time, Jesus appeared to me and taught me the first verse of the children's song Jesus Loves Me. Thirty years ago, I regressed under severe trauma and sang this to my mother exactly like a three-year-old would. I was subsequently tortured in a lab by Mengele and his assistants. At the start of this process, Mengele promised I could attend a fete being held on the US Embassy grounds for the diplomats' children and their special guests. Mengele used the fete as a conditioning tool. Since I was special now, I too was invited - so long as I cooperated. The fete featured red-and-white striped tents decorated with candy canes and lollipops, a fairy-floss maker, miniature pony rides, and a petting zoo. But I didn't enjoy any of it. I felt sick. I felt confused. I felt frightened. I felt as though there was something very wrong inside my head. They broke my head! I lamented. They broke my head! All I cared for was my mother. 'Mengele is the White rabbit!' The epiphany struck me during therapy. Mengele and his team wore white lab coats. One assistant was a red-headed female medical doctor. Another was Antony Kidman. I heard the tune Puppet on a String as Mengele and his assistants circled me. They shoved me from side to side. They spun me around and around until I was dizzy... Love is just iike a merry-go-round, with a!! the fun of the fair... They placed me in the centre of a blanket, gathered around its sides, and tossed me in the air until I was terrified... One day i'mfeeiing down on the ground, then !'m up in the air... Mengele electrocuted my left arm until it went limp. He picked it up and dropped it onto the table, and asked, 'Look, your arm is broken. Do you want your arm back?' I nodded and cried. I could have it back only if I did as he said. And if I were good, I would get a pony ride. He tied a string to my arm and manipulated it like a marionette. in or out, there is never a doubt, just who's puHing the strings... They strapped me to an examination bed and electrocuted me. They placed a giant electrode on my back plus zapped me all over with multiple cattle prods, even inside my vagina. My back arched violently as I screamed for my mother. They did this until I went quiet and still. Fritz Springmeier and his wife Cisco Wheeler wrote that the initial MK-ULTRA splits were created in a sensory deprivation chamber using LSD, and that the brain naturally dissociates into five components. That is consistent with my experience. John C. Lilly designed the original MK-ULTRA sensory deprivation chamber. Using the chamber in combination with LSD, Lilly conducted research into penetrating the veil separating our dimension from others. His research was the premise for the 1980 film Aitered States. Lilly achieved his goal. My base MK-ULTRA programming was laid inter-dimensionally using a sensory deprivation tank, LSD, and musical tones. Once I was limp from electrocution, Mengele and his team led me to a room containing a black sensory deprivation tank filled with salty water. They fed me a sweet drink, put something on my head, and lay me inside the floatation tank. Either the electrocution or drugs, or both, prevented me from thrashing about. Voices and music were played on an audio system as I drifted into an LSD trip. Suddenly, I fell through the floor and landed on a hard surface. I was in a black room surrounded by doors. A familiar voice told me I must leave a part of me behind if I wanted to escape the dark. I did as he instructed. This part became the Gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper was eventually split into five personalities. I have a vague memory of watching each enter one of the five doors and the door closing on their backs. At some stage the doors were assigned what became the standard colours: green, blue, red, white, yellow. These colours were associated with types of alters, tasks or programming as follows: Green: Intellect Blue: Soldier Red: Ritual White: Hypnosis Yellow: Drugs The green door housed splits that were intellectual, academic, artistic, or musical. The blue door contained soldier. Delta, assassin, psychic training including projects gateway and stargate, and military, horse riding, and martial arts costumes. The red door contained countless ritual abuse experiences and occult training. The white door housed hypnosis- induced roles and tasks, including Candy Girl. The yellow door contained drug programmes, knowledge, and drug-influenced assignments. A dummy room was installed between this pentagon room and the doctors waiting room above, to disguise and protect the Core programming. Consequently, entering the door marked 'Dr Kidman' led me to a dark pentagon room with the standard five coloured doors; however, each of the five doors housed a trap. For instance, the red door contained an inescapable maze. A series of knocks on each door opened access to the real pentagon room below. One knock on the green door, followed by two knocks on the blue, followed by three knocks on the red, four on the white, and five on the yellow, opened a chute in the floor which dropped into Mengele's Core program. The Core is the victim's soul or consciousness, the part that leaves our body when we die or astral project. It was my Core that moved effortlessly into the celestial dimension. According to Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler, the Luciferian Order conducted research into what might occur were the victim's Core exposed to the dissociated parts. The result was instant integration. That is precisely what happened to me the moment I consciously saw the Core programming structure and met the alters hidden behind the five pentagon doors. I believe the doctor waiting room was a disguise to hide the location of the Core split, because recalling Mengele's initial split was the point at which I achieved major spontaneous integration. I did not recall the doctor waiting room until years after my Core integration. Mengele on Milson Island AUSTRALIA'S 'LUNATIC ASYLUM' HORRORS: 'IT WAS ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST IN REALITY' Megan Palin, news.com.au, 6 December 2015. IF the walls of the abandoned 'lunatic asylum' on Peat Island could speak they would tell of the horrors experienced by patients, including children, on a site plagued by death and despair. The eight-hectare island on the Hawkesbury River was established as an asylum for 'inebriates' in 1911 before it was reopened os a psychiatric hospital, just BOkms north of Sydney... Both media and government departments reported torture, multiple drownings and unexplained deaths of men and little boys. According to reports, 'Ward 4', was where the most brutal treatment took place. The mysterious deaths of child patients repeatedly made headlines over the years of the facility's operation. Among them was the case of Robert Bruce Walker, 8, who was found floating off the island after he had been 'put in the pen', a caged compartment, as punishment, in 1940... In May 1950,11-year-old Robert Blackwood was found asphyxiated in a linen bin made of iron after only five months at the institution... Many other unexplained deaths also took place on the island. At least 300 patients who died at the institution were buried in unmarked graves at the nearby Brooklyn Cemetery. Reports of sexual and physical abuse, torture and a lack of thorough investigations also spilt out from under the closed doors of the site. One of the most shocking incidents made headlines across the country in 1983. 'A retarded youth's 10 fingernails were torn out while under temporary care in a psychiatric institution,' the Daily Telegraph reported in 1983. 'In a 39 page report the NSW deputy ombudsman Darryl Gunter, criticised the Health Department for not investigating the matter adeguately. Mr Gunter's report stems from complaints by the youth's parents. They left their 17-year-old son at the Peat Island Hospital on the Hawkesbury River on January 10,1981. When they collected him on January 28, he was without his fingernails. The parents rejected reports from doctors that a 12-year-old patient was responsible.' Peat Island and its close neighbour, Milson Island, served as MK-ULTRA/ MK-NAOMI research facilities. Milson Island is larger and accessible by boat only. Both islands featured hospitals. The Milson Island hospital was used by the military during WWII, and it contained a system of hidden doors for nurses to hide from violent patients. Milson Island psychiatric residents were transferred to the Peat Island hospital in the early 1970s, just after MK- ULTRA was exposed in the USA and moved to Australia. Great secrecy surrounds Milson Island which was recently demolished and developed into a recreational camp for children. Milton Island hospital is the only remaining building, and it looks like the hospital I was taken to where I again encountered Mengele. Leonas Petrauskas drove me to the Hawkesbury when I about seven or eight years old. He collected me from Nanna's Engadine house in a blue sedan. It must have been summer because I wore a yellow gingham strap dress. I stuck my face out the open window and let the wind tangle my white hair. 'You can call me Leo,' he said. That was the trigger to engage in casual conversation. Usually I called him by his pseudonym Mark. 'Do you like monkeys?' he continued. 'Yes.' 'Would you like to see some monkeys?' 'Yes. Are we going to the zoo?' 'Sort of,' Leo promised. He got a sadistic kick out of surprising me with horror. We were visiting 'monkey island' where they did gene splicing, crossing monkey with human DNA. It was a real-life Island of Doctor Moreau that left me terrified of the Planet of the Apes films. I next remember sitting on overgrown lawn outside a long hospital building on Milson Island. I picked yellow flowers while Anne Conlon warned me, I was about to experience something 'unpleasant' and I should go to my 'happy place.' I realised Ronnie usually turned up if they were about to kill me - or worse. She would always be there when I awoke from the nightmare, to comfort and counsel me. Anne Conlon walked me inside the hospital where a uniformed nurse sat behind a reception desk. The nurse walked me down the corridor and into a laboratory on the left. The lab contained caged monkeys and an office out the back. It was the lab in my induction scenario, behind the door marked 'White Rabbit.' My next memory is of being tied faceup to a medical table and raped by the obese greasy Doctor of Death who stood panting at the end of the bed. Kidman's Eastern Star pendant 'Pappa' Kidman Kidman's tampering caused my programming to malfunction and eventually break down. Kidman tampered with Mengele's Core program when I was six years old, to overlay and link his Order of the Easter Star pendant as an induction trigger. This occurred at the Chelmsford MK-ULTRA facility in Sydney. Leonas Petrauskas drove me to meet Harry Bailey who fed me an LSD-laced jelly cup containing red candy frogs. The subsequent trip had me swimming through a green sea of jelly and giant frogs. Bailey administered ECT while Kidman inserted the trigger. I recall being alarmed and thinking: Why are you messing with Comrade Gittinger's work? I deduce, I could access the celestial judgement hall because my Core programming was laid inter-dimensionally. That is precisely what John C. Lilly discovered, how to lay inter- dimensional programming. Rupturing the Core programming instantly propelled me to the celestial hall dimension. Remembering the Core split instantly integrated most of my splits. Consequently, when I visited my programming subsequent to this core integration, I rarely encountered any alters but instead found racks and racks of their costumes. The programming sets and props were intact, but the characters were gone. I revisited Kidman's Order of the Eastern Star pentagon room four years later, when my memories of Mengele and the US Embassy were triggered and began pushing through to my conscious mind in the form of emotional, visual and physical flashbacks. I peered behind the pentagon doors again, and discovered that each room contained a door in the far-right rear wall, which led to another room which contained another door, etc. Every room once housed a personality, so each room represented a walled-off cluster of independent neural circuitry. When I drew the five front rooms, I realised they had been trashed. The white door contained a pile of abandoned objects (used as triggers or inductions), instructions, and other paraphernalia. It felt like engaging in automatic writing as I accessed the brain area that held the memory. I drew a fob watch, an hourglass, Kidman's Eastern Star pentagram pendant, and a Candy Girl dress. The room behind the yellow door contained upturned furniture, and a pile of smashed glass chemistry vials, pill bottles, and books. I drew musical notes to represent melodies that cued programmed drug effects that replaced having to consume the drugs. Graffiti on the left wall read, 'FUCK YOU ALL!' The red room contained a smashed altar, books of spells, cauldrons, swastikas, pentagrams and hexagrams, knives and bones. The blue room contained a treadmill, a stargate, an overturned electric chair, guns, and a Delta training manual. The green room contained a pile of books on Tesla physics, history, Shakespeare, math and philosophy. The alters trashed the five front rooms before exiting. The Candy Man Recalling Gittinger's torture and programming was the second major step toward achieving integration. I was five years old when I was ordered to strip naked before a panel in the loungeroom of Leonas Petrauskas' Engadine home. Peter Holowczak walked me to the location which was a short distance from his McAlister Avenue house. A group of cult and MK-ULTRA perpetrators including Petrauskas, Gittinger, Kidman and Conlon inspected my flawless white form and asked me many questions about all sorts of things, especially my interests. 'Do you like to be special?' Gittinger asked. I nodded shyly. 'We'll make you special...' The men laughed knowingly. Afterwards, I commenced a battery of tests at the underground CIA facility at Holsworthy Army Base. Gittinger administered EEGs, intelligence tests and personality questionnaires. He supervised tests of physical endurance, including running on a tread mill while wearing medical equipment. The team were so pleased with my performance, they rewarded Nanna Holowczak with whitegoods. From then on, Nanna called me her 'Special girl' and 'Purple girl' and she dressed me in purple outfits. 'What is your favourite colour?' nanna constantly asked me. 'Purple,' I responded. (Purple was not my favourite colour. My favourite colour is produced by mixing equal parts of phthalo blue and phthalo green. It is the colour I innately gravitated toward during the eye test I did in preparation for tinted glasses.) Pop Holowczak did not share Nanna's enthusiasm. 'I'll give you the special,' he hissed. Pop dragged me to where he worked cleaning the trains and hoisted me in an agonising inside-out position from the carriage ceiling. 'Who's the special now!' he spat. Gittinger laid his base programming at the underground CIA facilities located at Holsworthy Army Barracks and ANSTO Lucas heights. He led me to a laboratory equipped with a hospital bed, EEG machine, video screens, and ECT and all the necessary gear for torturing and splitting a child. There Gittinger and his trainees, including Kidman, subjected me to an application of John Bowiby's Attachment research: a) Attachment behaviour is directed towards one ora few specific individuals, usually in clear order of preference. b) An attachment endures, usually for a large part of the life cycle. Although during adolescence early attachments may attenuate and become supplemented by new ones, and in some coses are replaced by them, early attachments are not easily abandoned, and they commonly persist. c) Many of the most intense emotions arise during the formation, maintenance, disruption, and renewal of attachment relationships. The formation of a bond is described as falling in love, maintaining a bond as loving someone, and losing a partner as grieving over someone. Similarly, threat of loss arouses anxiety and actual loss gives rise to sorrow; while each of these situations is likely to arouse anger... d) The more experience of social interaction an infant has with a person the more likely he is to become attached to that person... Attachment behaviour remains readily activated until near the end of the third year; in healthy development it becomes gradually less readily activated thereafter. e) An attachment can develop despite repeated punishment from the attachment figure. f) Attachment behaviour is mediated by behavioural systems which are activated by certain conditions (e.g., strangeness, hunger, fatigue, fright) and terminated by other conditions (e.g., cuddling). Gittinger wiped my natural attachment to my mother by electrocuting me with multiple cattle prods. When I screamed for my mother he said, 'Mummy doesn't love you. I love you.' Gittinger then applied B.F. Skinner's conditioning research. He paired my cries for my mother with vomiting, poured Ipecac down my throat and said, 'Mummy let us do this to you.' Gittinger then implemented Seligman's 'Inescapable Shock' research. He connected me to an EEC and electrocuting me with multiple cattle prods. He overwhelmed my senses by simultaneously showing me virtual reality scenes of death, violence and destruction, and delivering painful screeching sounds via a metal probe inserted into my right ear. He continued this until I dissociated from the pain and exhibited the desired brainwave pattern. ECT, the invention of Dr Ugo Cerletti, another Spanish fascist, was often applied to various parts of the body. Wolf says, 'usually the physical places that do not readily show or in tissue that heals guickly.' High technology was combined with drugs, hypnosis and torture to create alter personalities. Years before Silicon Valley introduced virtual-reality computerware, children by the score told therapists they'd been forced to wear goggles that flashed 3-D images of horror and death.'^^^ John Bowlby (1977). The Making and Breaking of Affectional Bonds: I. Aetiology and Psychopathology in the Light of Attachment Theory. British Journal of Psychiatry, 130:3, 201-210. Alex Constantine (2014). Virtual Government: CIA Mind Control Operations in America. Feral House, 152. Re-Attachment to Replacement 'Family' After destroying my attachment to my birth mother and biological family, my brain was washed and ready for programming. Gittinger reattached me to the cult family, principally himself and my substitute mother (the Grande Dame) via love bombing and sexual assault. Patricia Anne Conlon secured the new attachment bond by breast feeding me like a baby and sexually assaulting me at the same time. Gittinger sexually assaulted me during his Candy Land programming. Candy Land Program Having stripped me of my sense of self, Gittinger filled the void with a sense of ego and pride. He did this using Candy Land programming. I walked beside Gittinger through a Candy Land, along a path lined with giant candy canes that led to a distant castle. Inside the Candy Land castle, Gittinger sat me on a throne inscribed with the title Princess. He placed a crown on my head and a serpent sceptre in my hand. He repeated: 'You are the chosen one. You are royalty. You are special. You are of the ruling class...' This was Princess and Pride programming, designed to instil pride in my high IQ, Luciferian bloodline, and Grande Dame candidacy. I used to think Gittinger used a life-size Candy Land set with props, but today as mainstream technology catches up with the top-secret military technology that I experienced decades ago, I conclude it is plausible the military had the technology to produce a virtual reality Candy Land. I saw 'Disney,' 'Candy Land' and '©' printed on the side of a video cassette tape or box. One of my therapy drawings from the Candy Land castle featured a treasure chest containing a key. This was a secret back door to my programming that Gittinger installed. He kept this secret from Antony Kidman whom he rightly described as a 'fucking idiot' following a critical incident when I was 10 years old. My mother spent most of my tenth year in hospital due to lead poisoning. I consequently spent all holidays and weekends at my evil grandparents' Engadine home. I have relatively little memory of that time due to the cult's unprecedented access to me. I was repeatedly electrocuted and raped in a laboratory beneath ANSTO Lucas Heights at different developmental milestones. Gittinger used me to demonstrate the technique to a team of trainees dressed in white lab coats, including Antony Kidman. First, I was electrocuted until I became still. 'The subject is now ripe for programming,' Gittinger explained, as he lifted and dropped my limp arm. Then everyone left the room while Kidman stood at the bottom of the hospital bed and raped me. He flapped my limp legs together like butterfly wings as he penetrated me. Following this, Gittinger electrically stimulated specific parts of my brain to create implicit behavioural responses. Maintenance I have detailed memories of revisiting the ANSTO lab and experiencing a variation of this process every two years, at ages six, eight, 10,12 and 14 years. This was to compensate for developmental changes in my body and brain. The session at age 14 ended with security prying my fingers from Kidman's crimson throat after he clumsily electrocuted my head. ■ 1 John Gittinger's programming was maintained outside the labs by regular rape and trauma perpetrated by the Holowczaks and their Luciferian cult associates. The murders seemed endless. I was forced to watch the ritual murder of a group of children in bushland near the dog breeder's home on Old lllawarra Road. The dog breeder and his close associate Ivan Milat tossed the kids off a cliff in broad daylight. Overcome with grief and fed up with the nightmare year that had been, I spontaneously decided to follow them. I ran and leapt over the cliff edge - to be stopped at the last minute by Milat who risked his life to tackle and catch me. If I had died, all in attendance would have paid with their lives - and they knew it. If it costs the government one million dollars to train a modern soldier, it cost many millions to train a Delta child soldier. Like Gittinger said, I was a 'National Asset.' Gittinger was urgently called to Australia to repair my programming. His dilemma was, the person who attempted suicide was not an alter that could easily be deactivated or disposed of. It was the real me and my memories from that year. Gittinger had to perform psychological surgery and reassign that part of me as his Gatekeeper. His remedy consisted of flatlining my heart to bring it under submission. Gittinger explained, the heart, being connected to the visual and emotional side of the brain, has its own intrinsic nervous system that processes information independently of the brain. Consequently, although my handlers had control of my mind, my heart overruled my brain and made the decision to escape. Incidentally, it is the heart's intrinsic nervous system which allows a transplant to work. In a heart transplant recipient, the nerve connections between the donor heart and the recipient's brain do not immediately connect. Meanwhile, the transplanted heart relies solely on its intact nervous system. The heart's intrinsic nervous system explains why a transplant recipient sometimes adopts the donor's memories and personality characteristics. In fact, murders have been solved based on the recipient's access to the donor's final memories housed in the donated organ. After prepping me with torture, Gittinger reassigned 10-year-old Intellectual Alice as Gatekeeper over his Wonderland foyer. Alice in Wonderland programming looks exactly like the Disney movie. I deduce that for most victims. Wonderland programming is triggered via sodomy - which is what the rabbit hole represents, the anal passage that the white rabbit (programmer) penetrates. However, Gittinger secretly changed my trigger to vaginal rape, to prevent 'fucking idiot' Antony Kidman accessing and ruining his programming, which he eventually did. Alice in Wonderland Program To access Gittinger's Wonderland program during therapy, I visualized falling backwards through the rabbit hole with 10-year-old Intellectual Alice in hand. I knew the landing on the floor below to be hard and painful, so I said to Alice, 'The landing doesn't have to be hard. We can make it soft because we are in our head and can control what happens in our head.' We landed on a black-and-white checkered foyer floor. The foyer walls were green (the colour of intelligence, favoured by high IQ people). A crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling. Five coloured doors were placed in the usual sequence from left to right - green, blue, red, white, yellow. Gatekeeper Intellectual Alice was able to unlock the doors, but not cross the threshold of any except the green one. (I deduce Alice was granted access to the green door to stop her going crazy with boredom.) The green door accessed the Wonderland set and characters people are familiar with, including the Mad Hatter's tea party and the Queen of Hearts' castle grounds. Various sections of the set were used for programmes. For example, the chessboard scene provided opportunity for storing programming using chess language (D4, A2, etc). Four keys were hidden in Gittinger's Wonderland foyer. These were decorated according to the four playing card symbols: hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades. I asked Intellectual Alice to locate the key to the green door, which she did. Alice unlocked the door and I accompanied her to the fully laden Tea Party. I used my counselling skills to communicate with Alice and win her trust. I asked her, 'Have you ever actually sampled this spread?' She shook her head. I suggested, 'Why don't you pour yourself a cup of tea? You like watching the way the tea comes out of the spout and into the cup. I know that because I am you.' We watched the black tea arc into the cup. Then I said, 'Why don't you eat something? Go on, try a doughnut. I know they're your favourite.' After we returned to the foyer. Intellectual Alice retrieved a second key from beneath a mat in front of the red door. She opened the door and released six-year-old Ritual Alice. Ritual Alice stood on Intellectual Alice's shoulders to retrieve a third key hidden in the chandelier. Ritual Alice opened the blue door to release 14-year-old Soldier Alice. (All three versions of Alice were created at the ages I interacted with Gittinger.) Wizard of Oz Program Together, the three Alice splits opened the white door to reveal a cloud of hypnosis from which 12-year-old Dorothy of Oz emerged. Dorothy held a fourth key in her right pocket. All four keys were designed according to playing cards (Hearts, Clubs, Spades, Diamonds). Dorothy opened the final, yellow door containing the yellow brick road to Emerald City. The alters locked arms and followed the yellow brick road. Obstacles avoided on the way included: poison apples, winged monkeys. Tin Man (a trigger for memories of axe murders). Cowardly Lion (fear program). Scarecrow (burnt alive program), and the Poppy Fields (sleep program). Upon reaching the Emerald City gate, I tapped a sequence and sang a five-note tune to gain entry. Once inside, the spiral turned green. We boarded the carriage pulled by the horse that changes colours. We avoided the Wizard (another trap) plus the Ruby Slippers - the final trap. Once we reached the end of the spiral, Glinda appeared in a floating bubble. Glinda is the final programmed alter. Glinda is the Grande Dame programming attached to the Disney Princess programming laid in Candy Land and Disneyland. Gittinger laid Princess plus Alice in Wonderland programming at Disneyland in Anaheim, California when I was six years old. That is why I was dressed like Alice, drugged, placed on the It's a Small World boat ride, and spun on the Mad Hatter Tea Party Ride until I vomited. Disney Princess Program The route from Emerald City to Glinda's Crystal Castle functioned like a computer game. It passed through the woods containing cottages occupied by twins Snow White and Rose Red plus the Seven Dwarfs, and by Rapunzel's tower. Glinda's castle contained five doors of Gem programming laid out in the usual colour arrangement: green (emerald), blue (sapphire), red (ruby), white (diamond), and yellow (topaz). Behind the emerald door. Sleeping Beauty (Briar Rose) lay asleep on a bed. At her feet sat the wardrobe from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. A key stored in drawers beside Briar Rose's bed unlocked the wardrobe. The wardrobe led to a Snow Queen seated in a unicorn-pulled sleigh that transported me to an Ice Castle. A spell had to be broken to melt the castle, making this route a trap. ■fc A aic ft-Arn-fc ^rejrAtn Returning to Glinda's Crystal Castle, behind the sapphire door Snow White lay on a bed in a coma. A small chest at the foot of her bed contained a key to a second wardrobe which led to Maleficent's castle. Behind the ruby door was an imprisoned Cinderella. The diamond room was filled with shimmering light that morphed into the Swan Princess Ophelia. Finally, the topaz room contained a throne room occupied by the Grande Dame 'spirit' that Patricia Ann Conlon passed to me at her dying breath. Alice, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Dorothy, and Snow White all wear pale royal blue, consistent with their Princess-in-training status. The purpose of Princess programming is to teach the victim that the end justifies the means. To explain, every Disney Princess character loses her mother, father, or both. Each endures hardship of some kind, usually at the hands of a wicked stepmother (including the original Sleeping Beauty who suffered an evil mother- in-law). But at the end of their ordeal, each princess marries a prince and becomes Queen. In a cult context, this story line translates into the journey a Grande Dame candidate undertakes. The child victim's attachment to their birth parents is severed and they are reattached to a Grande Dame and a new 'Family' who put the victim through a gruelling, torturous training regime. The moral to the story is, the trauma and torture the Princess suffers during her trials or training, all becomes worth it the end when she is rewarded by being crowned Queen (Grande Dame). The Queen in turn becomes the next perpetrator, indicated by her dark alters or roles including the Evil Queen and Maleficent. Dr West During my trip to the USA at age six, I was also transported to Dulce, home of the Frankenstein lab purpose built for Col. Louis Jolyon West, Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, and John W. Gittinger, who were trained directly by Operation Paperclip's most clandestine recruit, Joseph Mengele. Dulce lab technicians strapped my naked body to a chair, plastered large electrode pads to my back and limbs, and attached a Medusa-mass of EEG electrodes to my head. My brain splits were received colour classification: Green, Blue, Red, White, Yellow. For each colour. Dr West held a large sheet of coloured card in my face while a computer repeated the name of the colour: 'Red. Red. Red. Red. Red...' I was simultaneously electrocuted until my senses were overwhelmed and I surrendered my will to the insertion of their instruction. They stopped torturing me once they recognised the desired brainwave pattern on their monitors. Beyond Dr West's surgery door lay a foyer with five coloured doors in the standard order. The green room contained shelves of books. I identified this as Gittinger's Test Library. One of the books had the title. Nuances of Psychological Testing. The blue room contained an armoury of guns, grenades, knives and other weapons. It also contained maps and racks of soldier costumes. The red room contained an occult library including books of spells, an altar, a skull, candles, and a voodoo doll. The white room contained racks of Disney costumes. The yellow room contained a pharmacy with books, drugs and chemistry lab equipment. This pocket of neural circuitry contained memories of drugs' mechanism of action, so that drug effects could be produced without physically administering the drug. The White Rabbit Leonas Petrauskas accessed the surgery door marked with a white rabbit. Behind the door lay a foyer chiselled out of an underground cavern. Five coloured doors were arranged in an arc, lit dramatically from above. A large rug on the floor was decorated in an enormous Rothschild family crest, featuring a shield flanked by two animals on their hindquarters. Behind the green door lay an Auschwitz library. The blue room was full of shooting energy and a stargate, and it contained the Gateway Process. The red room was a ritual storeroom containing shelves of Luciferian books and potions. The white room contained racks of priestess robes. The yellow room contained a laboratory with research equipment, cages, and a creepy, mute lab assistant. It was Mengele's Milson Island lab. Dr Aquino The creepy lab assistant was the only one who could open the door to Dr Aquino's foyer that was decorated with a Freemasonic checkered floor and five coloured doors. Aquino's green room contained the Cabalistic Tree of Knowledge, a giant evergreen tree with an owl seated in its fork. The blue room contained Delta training, including a Montague chair and references to astral projection. The red room contained military rituals, Dagon worship, and a Dulce underground stone altar decorated with an encircled triangle (representing Alchemy). The white room contained a pink sacred lotus flower and the word Om. The yellow room contained a yellow brick road and a bubble which served as transport to Glinda's crystal castle. This was a backdoor to Oz which linked to Gittinger's yellow door. Grande Dame The waiting room elevator provided Patricia Ann Conlon access to Gittinger's Grande Dame and Princess programming. The elevator accessed five floors of the Grande Dame training system. The blue floor contained leadership training including systems analysis and strategy, psychology and behaviour prediction, delegation, manipulation and motivation of subordinates' personality types, and maintaining distance from subordinates. The green floor pertained to training in academics and the arts, including classical music, history, English, theatre, painting and philosophy. The white floor related to temple prostitute instruction in the art of sex and seduction. The yellow floor pertained to teaching and supervision of cult children, such as lessons in occult knowledge delivered via nursery rhymes. For instance, Mary Had a Little Lamb represents the Christian child lured into the cult without parental awareness. The red floor was devoted to training in sorcery, ritual murder, and clandestine assassination via the 'kiss of death.' The elevator accessed castles belonging to the Grande Dame's two faces, Glinda and Maleficent. Maleficent's thorny castle grounds were occupied by the Dragon she transformed into. The Disney dragon form of Maleficent represents the Ouroboros. The Ouroboros symbolises the life cycle of the Grande Dame's eternal spirit. This is achieved by the Grande Dame willingly submitting to ritual sacrifice at the hands of her successor who draws in her final breath. This tradition is considered a form of rebirth, the circle of life, and a means of attaining immortality, which is related to the Ouroboros symbolising alchemy. Immortality via transhumanism is the true goal of alchemy. This process of the serpent eating its own tail is reflected in the standard Disney Princess or traditional fairytale ending where the abusive queen-stepmother-witch, dies at the hands of the princess who assumes her kingdom, role, identity, persona - alters. This alternate castle entrance represents the dark, ruthless nature the Grande Dame is forced to adopt. The castle contains the Grande Dame's throne room and a robe room with costumes displayed on mannequins. The costumes consisted of high-collared purple robes worn by Disney's Maleficent and the Evil Queen. Each wore a gold crown and a ruby. Another costume was a red and purple ritual robe and a headpiece that was a cross between a top hat and a fez. Each outfit represents a personality or role. The Disney outfits mimicked those worn in real-life by Grande Dames officiating over rituals and ceremonies. Purple indicates cult royalty and symbolises rarity. The ruby symbolises sexuality and exclusivity. The Intruder I once had a mind-controlled therapist who was handled by her most recent in a string of abusive boyfriends, a pharmacist from Adelaide. This therapist, plus her Satanist colleague, simultaneously undermined my efforts to integrate. The worst occasion of sabotage occurred when my therapist pressured me to visit an Adelaide couple who advertised themselves as Christian pastors, SRA and mind control experts with 20 years of experience integrating DID victims. David and Raelene Thompson established 'Watchman Ministries' in 1992, at the height of SRA victim disclosure. The couple were recommended to me by Pastor Doug Riggs in the USA. Although I sensed something was wrong, I pursued the excursion because my therapist manipulated my emotions. 'Do it for me,' she implored. I warned my therapist I might not see her again and departed for Adelaide in mid-May. I knew the trip was going to be interesting when I exited the plane and felt two massive invisible beings escorting me through Adelaide airport. I was collected by David and his obese wife, who drove me to my accommodation in the remote Adelaide hills. The Pastor and his wife spent the first few days grooming me. Every night they took me to dine in a nice restaurant. Each morning they drove me to a remote function centre for 'deprogramming' sessions that ran all day. They spent the first three days mapping the system of alters and identifying their names and roles. David asked me questions that I answered honestly and freely, while the wife took copious notes. It happened on the fourth morning. David asked me to list a group of related personality fractures. I closed my eyes and effortlessly rattled off the information. 'Hang on!' he puzzled. 'Do you remember everything that was just said?' 'Yes,' I shrugged. David Thompson's fagade of kindness and gentleness suddenly gave way to contempt and rage. He swept his hand across pages of notes and diagrams. 'I've never seen this!' Me: 'Seen what?' 'This!' He planted his finger on the notes, 'This combination!' 'What? Military mind control and ritual abuse? Why is it so hard to believe? Holsworthy was next door to Engadine BoysTown. It's physically possible.' He shook his head. 'I've never seen any of this before!' 'Well,' I offered, 'I was programmed directly by the world's best. I was chosen from a pool of chosen ones. I was selected because of my unique combination of visual-spatial processing capacity, psychic ability, creativity, physical endurance, and Aryan features. Perhaps you haven't encountered this before because I was the only one?' Fury washed over his face. It was quiz time. 'What's the difference between Monarch and MK-ULTRA?' he demanded. 'Oh, I don't care,' I shrugged. It's all the same crap.’ 'No, it's not! See, you don't know anything!' I squared my shoulders - and focussed. He asked: 'Do you enjoy sex with your husband?' 'Oh, I'm completely normal in that department.' 'If you were a genuine victim,' he spat, 'you would be sexually dysfunctional I' I just looked at him. No comment. Filthy prick. You're a programmer. You're trying to shock me into dissociating. .. Stay calm. Don't react. We're getting out of here. David threw his hands in the air like a bad actor. 'I'm cancelling this session! I'm going to have do some research, call some people. We'll resume tomorrow.' 'Sure,' I lied. The couple drove me back to my secluded accommodation. There I phoned my mother who started praying. Then I phoned Jon, told him what had just occurred, and asked him whether he would not mind if I spent my remaining days in Adelaide sightseeing. I convinced my husband and Adelaide hosts that I was going to visit the Barossa. Jon called back and told me a hire car was booked and waiting for me at the airport. Then I phoned my therapist's office and left a message: 'He's a military programmer. He's after the access codes. I'm at risk and making a run for it.' I was on a train when my therapist returned my call. 'I'll be alright,' I assured her. 'I've been in this situation many times. My training has kicked in and I know what to do.' I navigated my way to the airport and boarded the first flight home. David Thompson worked for the Australian military in an Adelaide division relevant to MK-ULTRA. The irony is, I ultimately used him to map and process my programming, which helped me integrate, since conscious awareness ruptures the programming. All anyone had to do was ask me questions and I would spew forth copious amounts of information. The first time I recall something is the most lucid it will ever be, then the detail fades over time. I had trouble recalling the entire system that I internally mapped in Adelaide over three days. I jotted down the following information a week or so later. Name Trigger Use Trainer Thespian Star Child Theatre Rituals Ceremonies Kidman, Conlon, Bell Candy Girl Presidential prostitute Gittinger Kitten Hello Kitty Seduction Provocateur Gittinger Salome All dancing types Ritual choreography Kidman # Professor Creative genius Intellect Strategist Tactical response Information gathering Interrogation Gittinger Self-created offshoot? Warrior Gl Joe military training close combat Gittinger Self-created offshoot? martial arts deflection evasion weapons protector self-preservation escape Assassin Kill on command Gittinger Snookie (?) 6-year-old Imprisoned underground Bonded with panda teddy Bore burden of isolation Self-created Imhotep Surgeon Sacrifice Left-Handed Path Petrauskas Psychic Killer The force Anger is an energy Aquino Psychic Astral travel Prediction Telepathy Aquino Scorpio Omega setting Internal clock Suicide programming Automatic response to ritual dates and memory recovery Russian roulette - unpredictable Hello Stranger Alpha setting Basic commands Sabrina Witchcraft Magick with a 'k' Water, Fire, Earth, Ether Petrauskas Conlon Levite Music Priestess Secret bloodline Kabala Chant: 'hidden, forbidden...' Access denied Eugenics DNA superiority Jason Project Conlon, Petrauskas Age 3 Core fractured Mengele Age 5 Core shattered Gittinger Sascha Invisible friend Age 6-8? Took burden of NDE Independent Autonomous Pissed off Self-created Gatekeeper Has access to all memories Holds keys to all doors Mengele Angel Assassin Martial Arts Samurai sword Mengele Grande Dame Coven leader Revenge killings Sadistic Contempt Intolerant of insubordination Gittinger Conlon Leviathan Cloak Trickster Confuses conversation Misinterpretation Gamma entry Non-Alter - 'alien' Baal Non-Alter Blood sacrifice Blood oath Gamma entry Non-Alter - 'alien' Conclusion As you can see from this overview of my programming matrix, its complexity makes it near impossible for victims and therapists to identify and break. I must reiterate, the programming used on me does not serve as a blueprint for unravelling another individual's programming. No two cases are the same. The perpetrators may use the same scripts, movies, songs and stories, yet two children will do different things with the same base material. The more a child's imagination contributes to the program, the better the program sticks. Once when Gittinger wanted to create layering in a program, he asked me to think of something layered. I chose a layered cake. He then asked me to describe the cake in detail. I described layers of sponge, cream and fruit. Because Gittinger employed an image that my brain naturally gravitated toward, it provided a better chance of the program sticking. Each program also varies according to the perpetrator's expertise level. Programming is an art which a skilled genius like Gittinger can get right, or a 'fucking idiot' like Antony Kidman can get very wrong. Candy Girl Child Prostitute Candy Girl You are my world You look so sweet You're a special treat Candy girl All I want to soy When you're with me You brighten up my day All I know When I'm with you You make me feel so good Through and through The way you walk And the way you talk You always look so good You make me forget my thoughts * * * I drew back the sheer curtains and peered through the glass at the scene below. I had been here before, in this exact location. 'I want my Mummy,' I mumbled as tears welled in my eyes. I was dissociating, remembering. I turned and surveyed the room again. The furniture had been moved about but otherwise it all looked familiar. I dropped into a chair which faced the same direction as when I sat on 'Uncle Gough's' lap. I struggled to fathom the enormity of what I was seeing. The outlay of the green room next door was precisely as I had drawn it in therapy. The green leather couch was the very piece of furniture I was raped on over 40 years ago. A small group of people burst through the doorway. Their jovial guide took a seat beside me and offered, 'You can join us if you like!' He continued rattling off facts and personal anecdotes about Gough Whitlam and Bob Hawke who both used this very office while serving as Prime Minister. There was too much respect and admiration in his tone. 'Stop!' I interjected. 'I can't take this.' I rose to my feet and continued. 'These men are not heroes. They're all pedophiles! They are chosen for these positions because they are pedophiles. ASIO trafficked kids here for their pedophile orgies. I was raped by Gough Whitlam right here in this room when I was a child, and I was raped in a pedophile orgy in that green room in there, and again in the red room down the hall.' I went to leave. Suddenly a Chinese Australian man grabbed me by the arm. He looked me squarely in the eye and said, 'Thank you for sharing that. That must have been very difficult.' Maurice Starr & Michael Jonzun (1983). Candy Girl. 'Yes/ I nodded, 'It has all been very difficult. Thank you for caring.' I stormed out of Old Parliament House. * * * The Grande Madame Patricia Anne Conlon became my substitute mother, teacher and confidant. She affectionately called me her 'little anomaly.' Anne was brilliant, vibrant, and intelligent; she instilled in me her love of classical piano, opera, Shakespeare, history, and horses. She also taught me how to fuck. Grande Dame selection criteria include Aryan Root Race features: blue or green eyes, blonde or red hair, flawless complexion, physical beauty, creativity, and high intelligence. Grande Dames are bisexual temple whores with a preference for sex with young teenage girls. They are glorified madams who train children for prostitution. By age six I was a trained courtesan. My child prostitute name was Candy Girl. Kim Beazley Senior was the ASIO operative who coordinated the Australian leg of the international child sex trafficking ring. Beazley coordinated my trafficking to VIPs nationally and abroad. I was transported nationally by government and military transport, and internationally CIA cargo planes. Gittinger played pimp. He personally delivered me to the pedophile orgy at Parliament House when I was six years old. We rode in a posh black car with silver trim and brown leather interior. It was driven by two security men with neat military style haircuts and black suits. I was dropped off at the rear entrance of Old Parliament House. Gittinger accompanied me to the rear entrance where I was met by a servant dressed in a long-tailed tuxedo, then he returned to the nearby US consulate. The butler walked me through many rooms and stairs to Gough Whitlam's private office. Whitlam was seated and dressed in a suit when he asked me if I would like a horsy ride on 'Uncle Gough's lap.' He picked me up, faced me away from him, lowered me onto his erect penis, and raped me. I was raped again in a pedophile orgy held in the green room adjacent to Whitlam's office. I was made to perform oral sex on Governor General John Kerr on a leather lounge. A butler had a tray with whipped cream canister and chocolate dipping sauce on it. These products were placed on Kerr's penis and I was instructed to lick them off. Lionel Murphy took me into the red room where I was raped on the red lounge. Gough Whitlam's pedophile cabinet Fairbairn Military Airport I was taken to a modest single-story home in Queanbeyan which was owned by Helen Holowczak's Slavic 'refugee' friends. Bob Hawke attended a BBQ held in their backward. Hawke got drunk at the BBQ and led me to an area at the far end of the back yard. He raped me in a zucchini patch as I watched butterflies fluttering about the zucchini flowers. The blooms tell me this was late November. I was dressed in a Shirley Temple dress and driven to Fairbairn military airport. Gittinger walked me across the tarmac where an unmarked military plane was parked. Gittinger said there was an important man waiting for me in the back of the plane. I was to board the plane alone via the back stairs and do whatever the man said. The man was former President Richard Nixon. He was lying naked in a large bed with a blanket covering his erection. A short glass containing amber liquid and ice sat on a set of drawers to his right. Nixon asked for my name. 'Candy Girl/ I replied. Nixon instructed me to approach him. He thrust my head onto his penis and demanded oral sex. Then he pulled me on top off him and violently raped me. After he ejaculated, he smacked me around the head until my nose bled. Nixon tore my vagina such that it had to be sutured. An old female medic tut-tutted while suturing me, in a nearby building. Gittinger and two men in military uniform led me to a hangar containing a centrifuge used to train pilots. They asked me if I would like a ride in the machine which they promised was 'fun.' I could sure do with some fun. I nodded, and the military men awkwardly strapped me inside the pod. It was not fun. I vomited and passed out. 344